Plerng Prom (Ch7, Masquerade)


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Here are pix of Cheer.

credit to:

From this pix Cheer look as tall as Tle.

Cheer look so pretty in the pink dress. :wub:



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is it just me or does cheer looks a little bit fuller? anyways she still looks great. i like her as the n'ek but i guess it doesn't hurt to broaden your option in the entertainment world. it will be great to see a different character for her to protray. And you can't forget her SNSD bag. LOL. She's really is a big Fan of them. Not a big fan of Kwan but she looks great. Wonder what this lakorn will be about.


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Summary... Credit to Suk13_Karn

25 years ago Intra(Cheer) was left by her mother who was maid in Kraisorn house (Montri Jenaksorn) businessman in international export. Because of pity Kraisorn adopt her as his daughter after his wife died after gave birth to Monchaya(Kwan) their child that born same day with Intra. So Intra can be friend with his daughter.

Kraisorn take care of Monchaya & Intra really good. Monchaya is a good girl and have a nice heart but Intra is bad temper, self-willed and always create a trouble for Kraisorn ashamed and loss reputation. This cause Kalyani(ThanapornRattanasen) Kraisorn’s sister hate Intra.

Monchaya always good to Intra with sincere but Intra think that Monchaya just pretend to be good to make other love her. Because of jealous of Monchaya, Intra trying to get Phumin(Tle) Monchaya’s lover to be her’s. One day she make a plan to get close to Phumin, but he refuse her, make her loss face that she fail to seduce him. Kraisorn give director position to Monchaya. Intra misunderstand think that Kraisorn unfair, both of them have a big fighting, Intra push Kraisorn fall down from staircase until he become half paralyze. Kalyani chase Intra out of the house and said that Monchaya who instruct it. It make Intra angry with Monchaya so much. Monchaya so worried about Intra missing, but still have Nopadol(TengNeung) Kraisorn’s secretary who secretly love Intra come to help find Intra.

Phumin feel pity to Monchaya so he bring her to ‘tham boon’ to make her feel better. And they meet a nun, MaeChiJun(ThanyrathLohaknun), who walk to tell Monchaya with mysterious that bad thing will happen to her. And she tell Monchaya that “The good and nice heart the only thing that will protect from any harm”. But Monchaya not so curious about it because she still sad about Kraisorn and Intra.

Intra think the way to destroy Monchaya for revenge. So, she call Monchaya, and Monchaya quickly go out, Nopadol have a meeting so he call Phumin to follow Monchaya.

Monchaya arrive at the place at the bridge, and then Intra’s car come with high speed hit Monchaya until she fall down into the water, mean while Intra’s car break broken make her car fall down to the water too.

Phumin come and saw what happening, he quickly jump into water to help Monchaya who still breathing, and bring her to the hospital.

Monchaya soul present infront of MaeChiJun, she cry and sad that she died. But MaeChiJun said that is not a time yet but all the thing happen just because of her and Intra fate that they will face.

Mean while Intra woke up in the hospital, she feel strange after saw Phumin beside her bed. And she so surprise after know that she in Monchaya body. She so curious, what happening? But after she saw Phumin take care of her and know that Intra might be died because her body loss in the water only her car have found. Intra agree to use Monchaya body and now she’s ready to change her like Monchaya so she can get all the things belong Monchaya.

Meanwhile Intra live happy in Monchaya body, one day unexpected thing happen again, where Monchaya woke up at the small hospital after village people found her body at the riverbank. Monchaya so surprise after she know that she and Intra switch the body. She trying to do everything to tell everyone who is she, but no one believe and don’t let her come back to the house because scare that she will hurt Monchaya body again.

Intra body have to go out to find a small rented house with Nopadol help. Both of them become closer until Nopadol realize that Intra have change from person who always look down at him into person who delicate and sincere until he believe and know the secret that Monchaya live in Intra body, but Monchaya ask him to keep it secret and ask him to bring Yuwadee(Fai) Phumin’s sister her close friend to meet her. But Monchaya take a long time to make Yuwadee believe that she switch body with Intra.

Intra side who live happily in Monchaya body starting to show her true behavior doing bad thing cause Phumin always get headache, until now he’s not sure whether he still love Monchaya or not. Yuwadee and Nopadol trying to do everything to help Monchaya get her body back but there still not success. Monchaya think about MaeChiJun warning, so she bring Yuwadee and Nopadol to meet MaeChiJun to find way to solve it. But MaeChiJun told that there is no way to solve it both have to live in these body until Monchaya and Intra age 25.

Finally how is their story switching body will end ? And will Phumin will find the heart of his lover or not? Find it in “PlerngProm” drama lakorn that can’t miss at CH7 soon….


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Hmmm I thought Intra's already 25 years old? So she doesn't have to wait anymore then. And I thought TengNeung isn't in here anymore?


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I hope Tengnung end up with Cheer. The funny thing is that Kwan soul Cheer body. So Kwan and Tengnung spend most the time together. LOL


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Really loving the Pic of Cheer,like that she look rai.
I hope they don't do Cheer's heir like that in lakorn.
Cheer is pretty and Kwan too.<3<3


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Disappointed :mellow:
Cheer won't be in this lakorn anymore...
Benz P is replaced by Cheer...

I was hoping to see Cheer and Kwan in a lakorn....
Hope they have to be in a lakorn like ''fight'' lakorn, cus i don't see Kwan in that sort of lakorn.

Give Cheer new lakorn!!!!!!!!!!!! :angry:


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Thank to: Noiki @ Spicyforum

Cheer is not in here any more. She got replace by Benz Punyaporn. They were in a hurry to film this lakorn before Kwan go oversea to film her lakorn "Fah Jarod Sai" and it seem like Cheer lakorn "Nak Soo Pun Khao Niew" is doing well so they add more episode to it. So Cheer schedule didn't fit with this lakorn schedule so she got replace.

But khun dang said she will give Cheer another lakorn to play in place of this one.

So Good news that Cheer will have another lakorn... :D


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Sucks I was looking forward to see how Cheer going act n'rai since she fits tomboyish style and fighting action lakorn I dont want Benz in here someone else rather see Fai.