'Pla Lhai Paai Daeng(Good Feeling)


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Thanks for the caps, jujib^^

The babies are toooo adorable! They were the best part of this lakorn. Hehe. Love them.

My fav. one is the mixed one that Jaja and Wan had.


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Wan and Jaja's baby looks like Wan! cute!

thanks for the caps and spoilers. i might bring myself to watch the ending just because i like happy endings and of course the babies. lol

but i'm also glad to know that Pei Pei was strong enough to leave a foolish husband. :nono1:

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sarNie Coma
I'm watching up to episode 7 right now and I'm really annoyed with this lakorn. It's also slow and boring. If I didn't like Smart and Cherry pairing I would have skipped this. I don't understand Cherry's male side of family. Why must they trick Mart into breaking Cherry's heart. What ever happened to family values? Her male side of family doesn't even love her, their all just selfish sex addicts. The only thing I like so far is the cute romance between Mart and Cherry.

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sarNie Coma
Well I'm at episode 11 right now and I really hate Meji's character. Even though this lakorn is supposed to be a comedy, I don't see it. Only the beginning was funny. Cherry and Mart are so sweet though, they really play husband and wife well. This lakorn is pretty dramatic, I want to watch a relaxing comedy for once but this lakorn is just stressful.

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sarNie Coma
Well I'm done this lakorn and i gotta say this lakorn sucked. It was boring for the majority of the lakorn. The chemistry between Mart and Cherry was fantastic but the overall events in the lakorn was either stupid or slapped together. I give this lakorn a 3 out of 5. Maybe even 2 but for the sake of Mart and Cherry i give it a 3.


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Hi I know this is so late like it’s been 8 years and I really like mart and cherry pairing . Want to see this drama but cannot find the subs . Can anyone send me the link for the subs ??? Help will be greatly appreciated