pinky savika


sarNie Hatchling
Thanks for magnifique photo of Pinky. I love her too love her style and her acting. I think among all the new generation actress of chennel 7 i think that i find her the most talented who is capable of acting in differents role.


sarNie Elites
In my eyes, she is definitely one of the most beautiful Thai actresses out there! I love her!
Her rating now is really high after Nong Miew Kearl Petch! NMKP had 18 episodes, but the other lakorn had like 10-12 episodes - now you'll know that a lot of Thais liked it!


sarNie OldFart
thanks for all the pics.. love pinky!!

her lakorns are boring the only one i find good was nong miew kiew petch i am glad she except that lakorn she was great in it and cee and her were amazing together!

she really improved in that lakorn, so proud of pinky.


sarNie Oldmaid
Pinky is beautiful & gorgeous. in my opinion she's the most prettiest nang aek in ch.7. her face and body is nice.


sarNie Hatchling
wow, she is very beautiful, but you can see that she has yet to fully mature. she will become even more beautiful and womanly in the near future.