Pinky Savika give just paul only friend, not boyfriend


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Seen together with "Paul Michio"", a japanese- american sweet heart at the recent Nakarach Award, Pinky Savika
Chaiyadej revealed that Paul has alreay retuned to the States.  When asked about this new relationship as
Paul  mentioned that he was in love with her, Pinky replied that she did not want to set a high expectaion. Due to the
long distance between them, she believed it's better that they just stayed friends.

When She open up "Paul Michio"", a japanese- american sweet heart
Ps. My topic is Pinky Savika give paul just friend, not boyfriend


sarNie Egg
My question is: Is she ok? She needs to seek for counseling. One day he's her bf and then the next day he's a friend. Just like that Chinese business guy. It seems she is not sure with the status with her significant other.