Pinky Calls Aum Her BF

There was, but the pic doesn't seem to work anymore...

As for IAmQueen, that is totally rude na, but then again understandable :lol: ATeam, huh? Still, that's no reason to say anything against the both of them.


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^n'grace, she didn't take side, so we're not even sure which side she's in, we can't jump in conclusion just b/c of that comment, she could have stated from a pinky fan side of view or vise versus. :p

anyway, the only way to be happy is .. be happy for them .. why drag yourself to make yourself miserable b/c of someone's else relationship ..


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Lol Cece I totally agree... it's best to be happy for them and not let their personal relationship affect your own feelings and make you feel badly. Afterall you don't know the couple in real life lol.

Also to hope for someone's break up is harsh -.-" I have stated that playfully every now and then about some couples but hopefully no one who has said they hope they break up means it because remember karma what goes around comes around and it's not nice to hope for someone's break up -.-"


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^yes, especially when they're so inlove .. --- i was against it before b/c it was more of an one side love and i dislike aff's bf ..
but now that i think about it .. not worth the time to wish anyone hurt on love .. i would very much hate it if someone wish me to have a bad relationship too.


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hMmm so no Ateam. I guess these two can be the UP team.

Umm like his name spell with a U. You know those enjoyable sounds you make when you're eating. Ahahaha...

Umm+Pinky= UP

I guess they are up since they are the talk of the town.
lol.. UMM.. like in YUMMY.. lol.. .. :loool:

Atichart will still visit me in my dreams no matter who he's with, so doesn't matter to me. :D
lol.. lome.. hehehe..

i've gotten use to pinky n aum now.. i think they look kute together.. even though im an ateam fan.. i support UP team <--- lol.. congratz to them..


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I love ateam and UP team in real life hehehe ok... I am using yr term for umm and pinky now...

Actually they r cute together and I can see aum is so happy when being with pinky, so why we fans have to disapprove... I hope their relationship lasts as pinky's mum said she loves aum as if her own son if the future cant work out for them... that's very touchy...


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i've read two posts requesting a picture of pinky's ex Benz Nipit Hange so here he is...i think he's hot...he reminds me of Enrique Iglesias. some of you might think he ain't that good looking but i think he's gorgeous. A super model. Pinky got good taste.

here he is modeling for Nagara at the BIFW'08

credits: thaicatwalk and mostbeautifulman

he has rome's looks like it...




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oh yea i think he was in kade/amy's lakorn. ohhh dats benz. he and pinky went to da same school
LOL Diamend she's referring to ladyofdarkness since Lome is her name, not to Rome or Lome or however the heck you're supposed to spell it, the actor hahaha.
OHH lol ish lome na. deres no thai actor named rome lol