Pictures of Mos from MN


sarNie Elites
Thanks so much for sharing! Mos ages so well! He looks so good even in non-edited photos! I am so jealous! I would have gone if it is not so far away from me!


sarNie Adult
thanks a lot for the pics!!! no doubt, mos looks hot in red!!! although i didn't get to go to his concert, i'm glad to see that he dressed nice---unlike when num, when he came to the U.S. some years back for a concert. i wonder when my BIE will come to the U.S.????!!!!??


sarNie Hatchling
Those are really nice photos! Thanks for sharing them...I can't believe it's over. After waiting so long, it felt like I only got to see him for 30 seconds LOL! I really hope he comes again. I miss him all ready.

Thanks again for sharing.


방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew
man! i should of just went to see Mos!!
he sure does look handsome in RED!!!
btw, Your pictures are really nice...Love the angle shots&
thanks for sharing! ^____________^


Expired Sarnie
I don't normally come to these thread where sarnies member post pics of celeb they have seen/meet :lol: . I AM SO JEALOUS!


sarNie Egg
GOSH! i wish i could have gone. haha.
my sister went though. i havent seen the picures she took yet but yea.
he looks great. he ages so well. haha
thank you for sharing. [^-^]


sarNie Juvenile
wow, how did you manage to take some good close up pictures of him!!?
then again, thanks for sharing!