pics:Mae Pra Torranee/Kob, Vee, and Yui


i remember reading somewhere on the post that someone request to see pics of Mae Pra Torranee starring Kob, Vee, and Yui. WEll,heres some screen caps that i 've took from my pc. I can upload the mini series if,anyone want. Just request it and I will re upload it at my achive section,but i dont remember the name of the person that i 've upload it from though. Is from someone in this forum.



Memories with Oil from his U.S. Tour in Nov 2009!
Thanks for the screencaps. Gosh, same here, haven't had the chance to watch this.


sarNie Hatchling
yeah, i haven't had the chance to watch it because my labtop can't read it. i need download real/or microplyer. don't have connection to the net at home. guess i'll have to wait to watch.. :(


sarNie Egg
i seen this mini series already and it's pretty good. yui was very good in playing the mean role. thanks for the sc. ;)


This was a short lakorn to teach to they should respect their mothers.....It was sad :( :mellow: ...but good :)


I only watch a little of this movie cuz... I love chiranan.... and I dont really like when she play as evil.....