Phone Katawut Pintong


sarNie Egg
hey as long as the praegg fits the part then its okay with me no matter how short they are....!!! as long as the nanegg are not taller than them..


sarNie Egg
yeah i agree with u lovely_jenny. but if they do have a remake for glod pit jed see, & phone is the p'k, then yam shall be the n'k [0F C0URSE] LOL :). however if james play in it too, then the n'k that will get with him should be aom. i L0VEEE these couples together in tep sam radoo. they make such cute couples ^_^
yep i so agree with you.. want to see them all together again.. it seems like i only want them together somehow.. just hope and wish...wish..wish..wish..wish.. that they will played toegether..


bite me x___
p'phone is short but its okay, p'yam is short too.Two short people makes a lovely couple. Yam and Phone makes a lovely couple, a gorgoeus, and they are the cutest boran couple right now.


sarNie Adult
i dont think he's that short. james just a bit taller than him. he has that manly figure though(full) especially when he's in his pa o lort's outfit. much fuller than james.

i'm so in love with him as ra hoo in tep 3 ridoo. great couple and sweet cute romantic scenes. it's to die for. such a one-hearted guy hehe...

please give me up date on him if u guys are his fan b/c i would like to know more about him. what other movies did he play in.


ohh man when i first saw go ming i thought was the most gorgeous boran pra-ak yam the girl the always get with or stars with?


sarNie Juvenile
Me and my mom also thought that Yam and Phone
are dating because of the lakorns they played in!!
I'am so happy that there going out they make a very


sarNie Oldmaid
There not dating..And they were never dating to begin with..? Where did you get that news from..? lol..Because there was never a such thing..

anime luver

sarNie Egg
What?! What are you talking about? Phone and Yam are dating! Im a fan of them, and the last time i checked at pyj club, they were going out! the paparazzi even caught them together holding hand! i dont know about now, but they did date from ever since their boran komin. Phone and yam make the cutest couple ever!


sarNie Oldmaid
First of all..I know his fanclub and I know his friends..They were never dating..Even his fanclub even said so because there close to him..Not even a fanclub basically because there friends...Phone and Yam like each other only as friends..And the reason why people think that they were dating because of people wanting them to date that time..But there not..And during Tep 3 Reur Doo Phone had a girlfriend..She's an actress for CH3 and after that they broke up..Then Phone had another girlfriend that isn't in the entertainment business and they just recently broke up..He even said it himself in his interview when they interviewed him about Pra Tinawong..


sarNie Hatchling
It sad that they are not dating, I thought that they were the cutest couple ever. I was hook on ThepSarmRudoo because of them. :lmao:


sarNie Hatchling
His character in Pratinawong is so annoying that I don't quite like him that much like before............


SarNie Adult
so phone is a playboy then?...because dated then broke up and again....has yam ever date before? it seem like she is a good girl..hard working girl and also received her education...

how come there is no profile of him...i want to know his age and etc...