sarNie Adult
curious how important does some ones voice impact your daylight and attraction to someone???

...i do still admit that the one thing that still steals waking time from me is the certain look of a stranger sometimes that my eyes precieve i'm attracted to!!!

...but i'm wondering how much a voice or an accent can shake your belief in tomorrow and how different the world can be when we take time to close our eyes and notice all the beautiful images that sound can captivate us with if we take time to open this dimension to our idea of attraction... there is this voice i have that still steals minutes from my day when i hear her while playing my play list of chosen music on my iphone on the go or my desktop at work... her accent is like finger prints on my heart when i hear her voice for the seconds it plays in my day sealing thousands of heart beats from my sight and keeps me wondering why i feel so good everytime her voice that continues captivate me with a smile... her voice is like a favoright song that i never want to hear the ending to... i just want the daylight to continue to hold me captive to this idea i will know her heart someday and why she steals my breath during a busy day with just the sound and accent of her voice... :wub:

ps... i know i have many crazy ideas in my head and heart that aren't real--- :lol:


sarNie Hatchling
Good question! Not sure how to answer it or what you're looking for.

Voice does play an important part to attraction not just the physical appearance. Of course first impression will be what you see visually. I think it is important if someone has the sweetest voice that soothing to the ears its make a whole lot different because everything coming out of them is pleasant to hear. That's why I love listen to music while I am awake and asleep just listens to the emotion and meaning is just relaxing and motivating. When it with someone on the phone if they have the sweetest voice I can talk to them for hours and won't get tired. =)

Iono ahaha I am bored!