Peaw Tarad Taek [TV Thunder]


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i dont think anyone posted this lakorn yet.. if so pm or tell me so i can delete it or merge it..
luckilly peaches uploaded it or else i would've totally forgotten about this lakorn XD

anyways... mo is so freaken adorable in here!! she plays a tomboy character!! ahaha.. I'll do some caps later ^_^..

CH 7: "Peaw Tarad Taek เปรี้ยวตลาดแตก" - Kade Tarntup & Tangmo Pattaratida
Airs - June 25, 2010 replacing "Mon Ruk Sai Fah Laab" - Aof Chanapol & Gunjae-sal's lakorn
Air Slot - 18:45 - 19:45 (Mon-Sun)
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kade looked hekka funny in the beginning lol.. ahahaha.. such a funny cover up XD..



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is this a sitcom or a lakorn? i feel like i haven't seen kade in such a long time. he seems to play an officer a lot...idk, but he does look HOT in a uniform. i remember seeing the teaser for this, if this is already out, we should pin it :D


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ahaha lmao RR.. i 4got to pin it indeed.. ahaha
but yeah.. too bad this is just a sitcom lakorn T_T... darn it!!!
but luckily Mo's in here.. so i'm happy ^_^
seeing Mo & Kade reunited isnt bad.. ^_^


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man they remade this! i hope they don't screw it up. i remember watching a lakorn by this name damn many many years ago lol

the p'ek was a guy named duke and the n'ek was a gmm or rs singer named Yui. she has a nice voice


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Why is Kade getting lame as roles lately..I mean, they need to have him come back to primetime lakorns..and I'm tired watching him play "cop" or detective dude..

shana pakim

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it nice to see kade back but i think he should have got a better role...
but i think he just have to take what he got...


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dude, havent tangmo and kade done 2 lakorns together already? my lord. :rolleyes:
i still love tangmo though.