Discussion in 'Japanese' started by ChaosAngelz, May 29, 2007.

  1. ChaosAngelz

    ChaosAngelz sarNie Juvenile

    hello ^^

    im a huge namie fan and i have an interview of her in jap that is 19 minutes long and just wondering if someone to english sub it and im willing to pay ^^

  2. .diane.

    .diane. Media Fanatic

    ^ amuro namie fan eh? i didn't know that and i'm curious as to what interview that was 19 mins long....
  3. pink mafia

    pink mafia sarNie Juvenile

    when was the interview and what show was it on?...i won't be able to help you with the subbing...but this namie forum i go to has some translations of her appearances on tv.
  4. .diane.

    .diane. Media Fanatic

    ^ amuro fans w00t w00t...."queue" girl talk
  5. ChaosAngelz

    ChaosAngelz sarNie Juvenile

    lolz yes i am a namie fan lolz well it was a funny interview on Hey!Hey!Hey!

    i love the song baby dont cry lolz

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