Pat Napapa


sarNie Hatchling
Thought I'd share these to Pat's fans out there. If you want to add more pictures of her, feel free to do so.



Lakorn Obsesser
Oh. This was already posted^^. Lisa's Nov. mag. I posted it a week ago, but thanks. The quality is way better. Very pretty & gorgeous.


sarNie Adult
Pat looks gorgeous & very cute in here. But her smile seems a little fake =/ But she is very cute tho.


sarNie Juvenile
i love her!!! she's so breath takingly gergous :wub: :wub: i love how sexy she is with out even trying.


sarNie Adult
i just love pat's big beaitful smile...she just smile and everything seems alright.....i love her hair in this shoot...


sarNie Granny
i hope she changes her hair style...its always have been curley anyways love her smile...


Lakorn Obsesser
No worries about that. They're still curling her hair like that for some reason, but she dyed her hair and it's hecka straight... Her hair is too thin that's why they can't do much with