Passionate Vengeance - Chapter 17

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    Chapter Seventeen

    San was sitting down outside on the chairs twirling his glass of whiskey around with no shirt and only wearing his pants, he leaned back against the chair rubbing his temple, he was feeling the headache from last night’s drinking but one thing he isn’t feeling was bad for what he did, it was worth it, she is now his and only his, he looked back inside the house before taking a sip of his whiskey.

    Lalin was still laying in bed, she was wearing a blanket covering herself as San shred her clothes, she wiped her tears, this wasn’t fair, this is not her game, she isn’t a part of this just because she is part of the Wongwilai. She stepped of the bed and looked around, realizing that the photo frames and glasses weren’t there anymore, San must have cleaned it up while she was sleeping. She pushed herself to get up but fell straight down onto the floor, groaning in pain she held her leg laying there on the ground, she closed her eyes to tired to get up, she heard the door open and closed, footsteps getting closer to her, she didn’t want to open her eyes, she didn’t want to see his face, he was evil, whispering to herself, “I take back about helping you, you’re even worst”.

    “What was that?” San asked kneeling on to her with one knee up and the other he lean on it.

    Lalin ignored him and continued to close her eyes hoping that the floor would soon swallow her down and she would just disappear from this place, San let out a sigh after realizing that she was not going to answer him anytime, he scooped his arms under her head and the other at her knees lifting her up. Lalin’s eyes flicked opened seeing San’s face centimetre away from her, she freaked pushing at San but he didn’t budge.

    “San! Let me go now!” Lalin commanded, “Ahhh” Lalin screamed as San threw her on the bed without care, “San!” Lalin yelled his name throwing a pillow at him.

    He took the hit closing his eyes and reopened them staring straight at Lalin, sending shivers down her, she coughed ignoring his stare, “If you are done with me, can you let me go now” Lalin said holding tightly on the blanket.

    “Not a chance, you will never leave this island” San said rolling his sleeves up.

    “What else do you want!” Lalin asked gripping tightly on the sheets.

    “You… Prima is never coming back to me so you will never go back to them, you will never see your family again, you will stay here and be mine” San said smirking at her unbuttoning his pants.

    “I will leave, you can’t keep me here forever, this will find me and if they don’t, I will find my way out” Lalin said standing up and held onto the headboard.

    San nodded his head, “you really are not listening when I said you won’t leave right” San said walking closer to Lalin.

    “Stop! Don’t you dare come closer or I will knock you out cold!” Lalin threatened pointing at him.

    “I am so sorry, I will back off now, you are scaring me” San mocked smirking at her.

    Lalin got frustrated, grabbing at pillow and went to San hitting him with it, San continuously took the hits she gave him, “I’ll take this as your anger of what I did so please continue on” San said walking closer to her opening his arms to let her hit him more.

    How dare he, this was a way of mocking her, this only made her fierce as she slapped San before pushing him back consistently and punched at his chest before throwing more slaps at his face. “Let me leave, let me go! I don’t want to stay here, I hate you, I hate you! Lalin screamed at San as she continued punching his bare chest.

    San held onto her hands to stop her from continuing, he glared at her before pushing her back onto the bed. “Hate all you want, you will never escape” San said before getting on top of her and kissing her neck, she still had the same scent which aroused him, smirking he teased her by tugging on the sheets making her grip tighter.

    “Please, don’t!” Lalin cried pushing against San’s chest.

    San moved off Lalin a bit do he can face her, “I do as I please” he said before capturing her lips into a deep kiss, pulling his pants down he ripped the sheets off Lalin, he got between her legs wrapping one arm around her leg, he grabbed her hands and locked them down on the bed before concentrated at her lower part, positioning himself and impaled her making her gasped in pain, the pain from last night was still there and he was only adding to it.

    “Ugghh” San groan closing his eyes, the feeling was back, the pleasure was there once again, pulling back he thrust in again making Lalin cry out.

    “San stop, it hurts”

    “Not when it feels this good” he said looking down at her while thrusting in her, San let go of her hands, wrapping one hand around her legs spreading it to get more access, he placed the other hand next to her head bending down he continue abusing her innocence. Lalin had her hands between them, pushing against his chest, leaving a small gap between them but San closed the gap pushing himself down more as he went in deeper in her. He moved his head sideways so he could nibble on her neck, sucking and leaving marks around the area, Lalin moved her head away from San’s disgusting saliva, the sucking noise made her sick in the stomach, she hated the feeling inside her, she hated that she let him take her so easily, she was disgusted in herself, moving her hands up she held onto his waist digging her nails into his skin, closing her eyes she let some tears fall down.

    “Hurry up and finish off, I don’t want to see your face” Lalin said still with her eyes closed, trying to keep her breathing even.

    San stopped half way and pulled out leaving the tip inside, he grabbed her face making her face him, Lalin opened her eyes hoping that San had really finished but instead he grinned at her making uneasy. “Unfortunately, that is not going to happen, I will take you slow, deep and hard, I will take my time and you will watch every movement I make, look away and I will fuck you in areas you didn’t know you can be” San said giving her a stern look, moving his hand to her chin he lift it up, kissing her lips, opening her mouth with his, he welcome himself in playing around with her tongue, distracting her before he penetrate deep into her core making Lalin choked in San’s mouth, she felt his lips move into a smirk. Feeling mad she grabbed onto his hair and pulled at it with each thrust…

    Lalin had her back to San, gripping tightly on the blanket, wiping her tears she turned to him, he was fast asleep snoring loudly, staring at his face she only felt anger and hatred. Taking the blanket off her, Lalin stood up and grabbed San’s shirt from the chair, sliding them on she went to the door twisting the door gently, quietly opening the door she slid out and ran down the hall way, seeing San’s keys on the kitchen table she grabbed them, opening the front door, happiness filled her up as everything was going well, and too easy… She ignored it as she just wanted to get out of there. Running down the flight of stairs she made her way into the forest once again, not caring that her lower area was stinging, she was hoping just hoping she can escape from this place of hell…

    Lumpao was sitting down at the bench in University, she was in deep thoughts as Kawin had been going crazy all morning, Prima was still feeling guilty and her mother had puffed eyes from crying all night, sighing heavily she looked down at her notepad, “My notes!” she groan realizing she had drown lines all over her notes from today’s lecture, whinging she bang her head against the table, closing her eyes.

    “Need some help?”

    Lumpao looked up from the notes and saw Natt standing on the other side with flowers in his hands, glaring at him she looked back down.

    “Hey, don’t ignore me” Natt poked her with his fingers sitting down next to her, looking around he put the flowers next to her hand, sniffing he looked around again.

    Feeling the flowers next to her hand, Lumpao looked up seeing the flowers, frowning she turn to Natt seeing him pretending to look around though his eyes were more focused on her, smirking she picked up the flowers, “for me?” she asked scanning them.

    “Yeah… an apology from my family” he said picking at his nails.

    Quietly saying thank you, Lumpao put down the flowers, baring her hands out near his body, Natt looked down at them thinking she wanted to hold his hand, happily taking her hand and smiled brightly at her. Lumpao rolled her eyes at him and snatched her hand away, “I don’t want to hold your hands, give me your book, I need to take some notes down” Lumpao said folding her arms.

    Nodding his head with his mouth half opened, Natt took the books out of his bag placing it next to Lumpao’s book, looking at her page, he turned to where she had stopped, pointing to the paragraph, Lumpao took down the notes, “we have to put together a group for acting as well, Mrs. Pearl will pick out theme…” Natt said staring at her down notes, not hearing a response he poked her.

    “Then we can team up with your group” Susie said walking up to the table with Mint, following behind them was Bun and Kob.

    They both looked up, seeing their friends, “we were the last groups so we have to team up anyways” Kob said sitting next to Natt.

    “Oh, that is good?” Lumpao said staring at her friends sending them a message of whether it is the truth or not, they nodded at her making her groan.

    “Hey, don’t groan, let’s call it a truce” Natt said taking his hands out to shake hers, leaning closer to her, he whispered in her ears, “we are going to help you find Lalin as well…”

    Lumpao’s eyes widen, a happy smile lifts up, quickly turning to Natt, “really?!” she asked with excitement through her voice, seeing him nodding she screamed throwing herself into his embrace, “thank you!” she yelled shaking him.

    Natt grin holding back his laughter, looking up at their friends he gave them a thumbs up, as they shook their heads at them. Although their friends did not know what the two was talking about they figured it was something between the Wongwilai and Pongsakorn…

    Touching her chest, Lalin balance on her knee trying to catch her breath, she had been running with all her energy, wiping the sweat down off her forehead, she looked around for anything, “please… Just anything” Lalin said to herself as she was running out of breath and energy. Looking to her left she saw a dock, the boat dock… a smile form on her lips as there was a boat there, “yes!!” she yelled sprinting to the dock as fast as she could forgetting that she was losing her energy as her excitement was getting stronger, her heart was pounding fast and louder. Reaching boat, Lalin looked down at the boat, it was in good shape, not bothered to look back at the island, she jumped down onto the boat, taking his keys to the driver’s seat, she sat down, scanning the gears she frown, she doesn’t know how to drive a boat nor does she know how they worked. Pushing the keys in twisting, hearing the engine failing she tried again, again and again, she bit down on her lips as her hands started shaking, “no, no please don’t do this to me, not now!” Lalin whinge twisting the keys again but the engine still wouldn’t start, frustrated she bang her head against the steering wheel.

    “That isn’t going to help start the engine”

    Her heart stopped beating hearing the familiar voice, slowly standing up she turned around facing San, who was standing there grinning at her, in his hand was small cube, he was playing around with it and showed her the part, looking at his palm she got scared and stepped back, “you need this small part” he said stepping closer to her, “I am not the stupid to leave the door unlock and have my keys laying around, I know you would escape so I took this from the motor” San said placing it in the draw and slammed it close, walking closer to her he grabbed her arm, pulling her into his chest…

    Dragging her through the dock, Lalin fought back throwing punches at his arm so he would get go, “let me go you, cruel devil!!” Lalin yelled pulling herself back. San ignored her punches and kept pulling her away, Lalin knew it was not going to work so she stopped pulling and grabbed onto San’s arm, leaning down she bit down hard, ripping a bit of his skin, causing him to bleed a little, groaning in pain, San threw her across, making her fly scrapping her knees and elbows, she land on her stomach crying in pain, “ahhhh, ouch, ouch!” she cried laying down, grapping her elbows she felt blood dripping down. Sending glares at San, “Yo-“

    “Do not blame me, you did it to yourself!” San said in a deep voice, letting go of his arm, he went to her pulling her up making her face him, he dragged her again but she fell down holding onto her knees.

    “My knees” she cried tearing up.

    “Get up” San demanded pulling at her but she pulled back, crying.

    “I don’t want to” she cried louder, “I was almost there, you idiot, making me feel like I was finally escaping” Lalin cried hitting at his legs.

    San rest is hand on his weight glaring at her, shaking his head he lifted her up and over his shoulder and started walking off, Lalin kicked her legs around and hit his back but he ignored it…

    Lalin came into contact with the bed, thankfully it was the bed as it was soft instead of the floor like a few minutes ago, sitting up Lalin held onto her knees, San had sweat all over his face and body, he was wearing a shirt this time and you can see it was a little soak from his sweat, looking around she groan as she was now back at the start, not bothering to wipe her tears she stared at him, sending him glares, soon turning into a fearful look as San pulled her legs towards him, getting between her legs he started unbuttoning his pants. Lalin kicked at San as he lean down to kiss her, making him step back holding onto his stomach, she turn back to yell at her but came into as something hard hit his head.

    “Ahh” he groaned holding on his head, feeling his wound, he felt the blood dripping down, pulling his hand away it was covered with blood. Glaring at her with flames in his eyes, he stormed to the draw pulling his tie’s out and back to her, Lalin crawled back fearing to what he was going to do, snatching the lamp off her he smashed it onto the floor, and pushed her onto the bed, rolling her onto her stomach he tied her hands together and onto the post.

    “What are you doing!?” Lalin yelled wiggling around trying her best to get out of his grip.

    “your punishment, running away and hitting me with a lamp, you are a bad girl” San said finished off his knot, satisfied with his work he backed away, he felt his wound again. “you are going to stay in this room, no meals for you today” he said staring at her body covered in his and her own blood, walking to the door, he opened it staring at her he sent her one last glare before slamming the door shut, he had to get out of the room away from her, before he killed her, trouble, she is all trouble-some, getting the first aid kit from the cupboard he sat on the couched opening up the mirror so he could see, “nothing, she will get nothing today” he said to himself looking back down the hall way…

    Placing the coffee cup down, Meka faced Sai, Kawin and Prima, giving them a smile, he could see the stress and how restless they all are, sighing he felt bad that he could do much, Kawin was his best friend, the Wongwilai meant everything to him, if it wasn’t for them, he wouldn’t have been able to finish his study, his family would be in dept of the bank. “It is no longer my duty to help you track down San as there has been no further evidence that he is the criminal” Meka said giving them an apology look.

    “That is okay sweetheart, we understand” Sai said smiling weakly at him.

    “We don’t want you to get into trouble, Meka you have done what you can” Kawin said reassuring him.

    “Thank you for understanding… I just came to let you know that I have asked for a holiday that way I can continue helping you find Lalin and it will not affect my work and I can still help repay you”

    They all looked at Meka smiling, turning to each other Kawin hugged Prima patting her head, Sai held onto Meka’s hand.

    “I appreciate this so much Meka, thank you so much” Sai said patting his hand.

    “I will do my best… I also want to ask permission for my next move” Meka said taking a sip of his coffee. Seeing them nod, he nodded back “I would like to get Wai and Kaew Pongsakorn involve in this, if you can get them to come here, we can talk and maybe get more information of where San might be…”

    “I don’t mind, that is great, they would know more than we do” Sai quickly responded without hesitation.

    “Mother, that doesn’t seem like a good idea, they are his parents” Kawin said not liking the idea, though he saw their expression the other day, it still doesn’t seem right.

    “That is the point, they are his parent, if they know that their son is doing wrong and want him to be a good person then they will help us but if they really how we think they are, I will not hold back anymore” Sai said giving Kawin a stern look.

    Seeing the look on his mother’s face, he could see how serious she was about this, maybe he should trust this, there was something in him that says this will be it. He felt Prima’s hand holding tightly on his, squeezing his hand making him look up at her.

    “Kaew and Wai are good people, they may have done horrible things in the past that makes you trust them but I know for one they will not let San do the wrong thing, trust us, trust me…” Prima said giving Kawin a smiling.

    Seeing her smile made him easy, it took away the heaviness on this shoulder, turning to his mother she also held onto his other hand, that moment he gave Meka a nod, telling him he agrees to this though inside he was still feeling uneasy but right there, there was two of the most important people beside him helping him, there was his sister at school whom is almost failing her study because of this and lastly there was his precious sister, Lalin who got involve in this mess that was caused by him, taking all the pain, he let out a sigh hoping that this will work well…

    “Ahhhh, this stupid tie!” Lalin yelled still pulling at the tie, she took a break to restore her energy but it was getting darker, the day went way to quick, sitting back against the post she look down, her tears had dried leaving her face all sticky, looking down at her knee’s the blood was also dried, the pain was all numb she could feel the disgusting dryness on her elbow, “I will never forgive you, you are a cure, a monster” Lalin said to herself looking at the door, she was dehydrated and starving she hadn’t eaten or had anything to drink all day, sighing she turn her body around to the side facing the side table, she was going to use her legs to turn the lamp on but realized it wasn’t there, looking down at the floor she was it in pieces, “That’s right, I hit him on the head and he smashed it… darn it…” Lalin cried, turning back she lean back and closed her eyes, not long she fell asleep, it was an exhausting day, she was starving but couldn’t do anything about it, her body was heating up so sleeping was the best choice to escape it all…

    Pouring himself another glass of rum, San’s head was spinning, he was exhausted the day was crazy. The room was getting hot, he looked around turning the air conditioner on, drinking the rum he placed it down and took his shirt off he hadn’t showered today, he was sweaty and sticky, it was disgusting but he did not care, he needed to drink, all he did was drink after tying Lalin up in the room. Throwing the shirt on the table he saw the blood on it, shaking his head he grabbed the glass laying down on the couch, there was something in him that was telling him to go check on Lalin, her knee was badly injured. “Uggh… so what, she did it to herself” San groan drinking the last bit of rum before dropping the glass on the floor, he too fell asleep…
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    Omgggg thankkkkyouuu!!! :icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12::love::love::love::love:
    I got all emotional reading this chapter.. he's just keeps hurting her.. i almost thought she was actually going to escape from him. And then i thought he was going to throw her into the water.

    Hahaha im inlove with this. its like im reading a slap and kiss lakorn with a lot of slap andkiss, rscenes.slapandkissrscenesw
    I cant even focus on the stuff i was reading on wattpad anymore.
    Thankyou thankyouuu again!:worship2::worship2::worship2::thumbup::thumbup::icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12::love::love::love::icon12: looking forward to moreeeeeee updatesss.
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    Omg YAYYY!!!!! I love the update. San is getting kind of crazy in here but I hope he realizes his Love soon or we going to have some big regrets later. Poor Lalin having to starve. Just now waiting to hear news from Kawin and Prima babysw :pancarta:.

    This truly is like watching a Lakorn. I'm also starting to adore Natt and Lumpao. I can totally see the cuteness behind these two.
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    See, like I'm in love with slap/kiss lakorns but there are barely any good ones now a day which sucks so much. That's why I decided to write one. Hehehe
    I've gonna back to reading some fanfics for a bit, trying to find some good ones :sad6:
    Thanks you guys for reading. Updating soonnnn :icon12::icon12:
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    How soon is soon.. today? In a few hours? Tomorrow?? In a fews day? Next week? Hahahaah...
    I want to see the younger gen or newbies in a slap and kisss... i want to see nine pair with so many girls. And i want puen khanin reunite with chippy or cine. The older gen have been in so many so i want to see younger gen.
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    Hahahahaha tomorrowwwwwww
    Omg Same, I love how man Nine is, his voice!! Omg to die for, absolutely adore him. I adore Chippy but I feel like she plays Rai better, she expresses it so well in the Sixth Sense 2
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    alissaax Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡

    With chippy i like her but dislike her too. Hahahaha. Offscreen she can become sooo annoying.
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    I just read it..i though there is no new chapter because the main tittle still said chapter 16. Thank you @tinglypanda.. waiting for next chapter patiently...
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    Ah! Thank you for you reminding me, I completely forgot. Thank you for running in~
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    So new update soon?? @tinglypanda im really exciteddddd
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    Don’t kill me but this isn’t an update notification lol. I’m super excited & can’t wait for the next part too! Lol. I got a notification so I hopped right on just in case it was an update. Haha.
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    Hahahaha Sorry... I've been really looking forward to the update since she said hope shell post it like real soon..
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    I'm such a liar, I'm so sorry!!
    I have gotten really busy so it might be a little bit of a wait but I will update sometime soon!!
    Thank you for being patient :icon12:
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    Crying inside cause im dying for an update. And I seriously cant stop thinking about this.:nut::nut: :nut::love::love::icon12::risas3::risas3::sad6:
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    alissaax Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡

    Can you pleaseeee update? :crybaby2:

    @tinglypanda can you please update....:sad6:

    Pleaseeee updateeee...
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