Paranoid or Stalker?


sarNie Adult
I'm not sure where to post this topic but this place seemed right so here it goes.

This happened to me recently and every time I think about it, I get shaken up. Anyways, I was just going to the corner store, right behind my building. While walking across the almost empty parking lot, I noticed a suspicious man coming from the opposite direction, he glanced at me for a moment and went his way. And it looked like he was about to jump over the fence to get to the other side.

After I finished with my purchases, I left the store and noticed the same suspicious man walking the path between a line of low trees and the fence (that separates the building from the small plaza). I figured he was a resident. Again, he glanced my way while I made my way towards the path.

Since my mom told me that some people like to sit and hide in the line of overgrown trees, I made a detour. Instead of turning right, I walked straight ahead for a few more steps and wanted to turn right towards the small steps that lead to my building, yet again I see the same suspicious man walking my way. This is where I began to really panic. He thought I was going to walk up the stairs to enter the building so he went up first. I didn't need to look, through my peripheral vision I saw his actions.

So, I decided to keep walking forward and yet again, he slowly walks the same direction. This time, I had to turn right and the man was slowly inching closer so I walked further away off the lawn and onto the sidewalk. Luckily there was someone with a dust blower nearby, otherwise, I thought he was going to follow me there. Slowly, I walked on the sidewalk, and made sure he entered the building first, waited a few minutes and entered cautiously.

I was about to have a heart attack when I saw him waiting around the corner in front of the elevator, leaning against the wall with arms crossed. There was a woman and a child in the lobby so I felt safe, somewhat. But when the kid went outside and the woman left I began to panic again.

There, I only had two options, either take the elevator or the stairs. Now, it would be logical to take the stairs but he stood directly beside the door which led to the staircase and directly in front of the elevator. He practically blocked all my escape routes. Unless I went back outside and waited for the small group of people who were sitting leisurely outside to go in.

I didn't want to cause a ruckus and I needed to get home so I had to deal with it on my own.

I quickly pressed the button to call for the elevator and waited, knowing that he was just a few paces behind me. Once the elevator came, I made it look like I was going to enter, and quickly stepped back when he entered. Quickly like my life depended on it, I made a mad dash towards the stairs.

Now I ask you this, am I paranoid?

From the routes I passed, there are three entrances to the building. One at the back (which I first avoided due to the line of trees), one at the side, and one at the front.

Initially, the man could have entered from the back, but instead he followed me halfway around the building. Does this seem logical to you?


sarNie Hatchling
that is creepy indeed...O_O
i would call the police right then if he keeps on following me like that,
cause that's too dam creepy for my safety... :unsure:


sarNie Oldmaid
You did the right thing, but you're already too close to dangerous if he was really a bad guy and were to attack you. The stairs is not a safe way to take either, if is not a well uses stairs and anything can happen within second there. Should wait for other peoples to come around, or go outside where is open and peoples can see you. Or wait until you know for sure that man is gone and not hide in the corner somewhere. If he doesn't live in the building, he has no business to be there, (unless he's visiting someone...) either way should have report to the superintendent that there is a suspicious man lurking around to make sure that someone else is not in the similar situation as you and come to harm. Sometime being paranoid is good, because it alert us to be aware of our surrounding and dangers and will make us take precaution in our action. Danger is all around, it's better to be safe then sorry. Never doubt yourself when it comes to safety.


If the guy looks and acts shady, he probably is. Especially blocking off your escape paths! How freaky! Glad you made it out of there safely.


sarNie Adult
Yeah, I could have waited but I was too anxious to get home, my place of safety. I was also in a panicky mode so I didn't think quite logically--I moved more upon instinct.


sarNie Egg
Always trust your instincts. If this guy gave you a creepy feeling it's because he probably was creepy.

Cupid Candy

sarNie Coma
that's why you should always walk with someone, (preferably a hot guy) so they can save you. I never walk outside alone, when i watch a movie with my older cousin i make him walk me home even though we're neighbors and our houses are right beside each other.


sarNie Juvenile
that's why you should always walk with someone, (preferably a hot guy) so they can save you. I never walk outside alone, when i watch a movie with my older cousin i make him walk me home even though we're neighbors and our houses are right beside each other.

Lol, hot guys can't really fight for anything.


If you ever feel unsafe around someone or around places, always trust your instincts. It's for your own good. You never know what will and can occur.
Good thing you pulled your cool stunt at the end of your story. Remember, safety first!

You should carry some pepper spray just in case. Every girl/lady/woman should carry pepper spray. ;)

Muddie Murda

Also....Don't lead them home! lol I'm paranoid and if feels like someone's following me or if someone was shouting whatever words at me while I was driving, then I drive down the road, make a few turns, drive in circle, etc. until they're gone.


omg girl! speaking of instincts, idk if these are or arent but when i was at fresno state walking across the streets and a car would come up, i stop and stare. LMAOOOO. just thinking about it makes me laugh and feel dumb. I used to watch horror movies and would be like "MOVE GODDAMMIT
!" LOL now i know that THATS when you're in total shock and you just cant do anything. IS IT? i feel so blond :( fresno state because i used to have class there, its a academy at my high school. i agree with pepper spray. i made some but idk where i put it.. lol. it has ALOT of salt in it. you can make it on your own. i boiled some dry asian chilies and then ALOT salt and some alcohol. you mix it all up and remember to drain it and pour it into a spray bottle. i got my tiny spray bottle by recycling the rite aid tiny body sprays lol. i think he is a stalker because Why didnt he press the button and only went in when YOU went in?? crazy what the world has become. go in pairs i say


sarNie Adult
^ When in shock, your whole system just kind of shuts down. And thanks for the tip, now I'm gonna make my own pepper spray. Because of that incident, I'm more aware (and even more paranoid) of my surroundings, always glancing around for anyone suspicious. But then, wouldn't that make me look suspicious--it would look like I'm sneaking around or something.:ph34r: