Pancake Opens Up! Will She Be Glad to Work with Weir Again This Year?


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Translated Article from Sanook
Pancake Opens Up! Will She Be Glad to Work with Weir Again This Year? 

Fan clubs of former lovers and koo jin Pancake Khemanit Jamikorn and Weir Sukollawat Kanarot will probably have to wait a bit longer for their reunion. At the conference of Pancake's new film, Happy Aunt, the famous n'ek revealed that she does not have any projects lined up for her this year with Weir as rumors have been circulating. She says that it isn't a serious matter if they were to work together again. It's just that the elders at Ch.7 have not given them the opportunity to work together.
Is it true that you will have a new lakorn with Weir this year?
At this moment, I don't have any projects lined up with him this year na ka. The filming for my lakorn Waen Sawat is coming to an end soon. As for lakorn Ruk Rae, I am currently still filming. Filming should probably be done by the end of the year.  
However, according to news, the elders at Ch.7 have been trying to get the two of you to work together again but you are unwilling to do so. That is why they aired reruns of your lakorns with Weir. 
A majority of the time, they would air reruns of old lakorns before airing a new one. As for working with p'Weir again, we will have to wait for the channel to give us the opportunity as well.
Have the elders ever contacted you or called you in to have a talk?
They have not ka. Right now, the lakorns that I am currently filming have taken up my queue for all seven days of the week.
After, there was news that Bella, Weir's closest girl friend, is also worried and doesn't want you two to work together.
Uhh, I do not know of this matter. I am more focused on my work. There is nothing. There isn't a problem.
Do you take offense that people view you this way?
No, because we are different people who have different views. I am still able to work despite our differences (smiles)
Are you afraid that there will be a problem between the two channels?
It shouldn't be related to one another. We have responsibilities for our own individual works. For this particular matter, it should not have an impact on anything.
Honestly, will you be happy to work with p'Weir again?
Gladly ka (smiles)
She kept her answers short. I sense that she doesn't want to work with Weir again. Lol. What's with her hair?



Didn't they do a lakorn right after they broke up? I thought they were on good terms. Haha.


sarNie OldFart
They were forced to. Lol. I don't think Weir's heart was ready yet but work will be work. You can't end on good terms when your ex straight up denied dating you when the relationship grew sour. 


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that frizzy hair is from her movie, they interviewed her during the press conference. she was in her character
i thought her answers were appropriate, atleast it's understanding lol. during nangfah gup mafia, yeah they were force, i guess kantana wanted some buzz and news, his poor heart then but I saw some bts pics of that lakorn and they seems fine, i didnt see any uncomfortableness. there was a picture where pan had her elbow on weir's back when they were both checking the monitors.. i want to see them act again together, i'm sure the ehart has healed bc clearly both have moved on and has matured


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They can act together AFTER Kwan and Weir reunites. Lol. Goodness. It's been almost a decade. 

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sarNie Coma
I don't want them to work together again, it makes me sad knowing that they aren't together anymore. I agree, pair him with Kwan again.


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It's been a widely known secret ever since 2013. Or more like when Inheard about it.

Oh well, Weir and Pancake can be together in lakorns.


Love has nothing to do with bodies.
I don't want to see them together again. It's a pain inside to see the unreal feeling from them in the lakorn.