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  1. KitKat516

    KitKat516 sarNie OldFart

    Nooooo, you just did not do that!!!! OMG :love::love::love: They look so hot together!!!!
  2. Koy123

    Koy123 sarNie Oldmaid

    Hehe, I know right!! :)
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  3. preetam

    preetam sarNie Oldmaid

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  4. shiela marie

    shiela marie sarNie Egg

    a chinita with a tall dark handsome prince.
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  5. SuzieJ

    SuzieJ sarNie Oldmaid

    For some reason, that combo always looks good loool Taew looks very prim and proper and Weir looks manly and rugged!
  6. Koy123

    Koy123 sarNie Oldmaid

    F2A6EE33-3089-4324-A1E6-EA3A1DAAED62.jpeg 252B6C6D-CC15-405F-959A-DD0D4719E11B.jpeg Stephanie and Mike would be a nice pairing I would like to see.
  7. DaoRisa

    DaoRisa sarNie Adult

    I love your idea.
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  8. Koy123

    Koy123 sarNie Oldmaid

    I’ve been bored with pairings so been looking through pictures of actors that could have been good together. :)
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  9. DaoRisa

    DaoRisa sarNie Adult

    I think they would be a perfect match!
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  10. alissaax

    alissaax Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡

    I suddenly remembered Yaya and Mai!!!! When he made the cameo at the beginning of kluen chewit.
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  11. kjc1994

    kjc1994 sarNie Adult

    Some couples I would love to see that haven’t paired yet are

    Nadech and Bella
    Mark and Namtarn
    Nadech and Namtarn
    Pope and Kim
    Nadech and Mint
    James Ma and Bella
    James Ji and Patricia
    Nine and Patricia
    Film and Vill
    Mario and Yaya

    And would love to see Kwan and Vill pair up with some channel 3 guys.

    Pairing I would love to pair up again are

    Bella and Mark
    Yaya and Mark
    Kim and Nadech
    Vill and Toomtam
    Patricia and Mark
    Patricia and Nadech
    Mew and Nadech
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  12. alissaax

    alissaax Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡

    I saw this on lalina's ig post and i want to see her pair up with nine now!!!! 49806276_2199992610268472_3597792157389398493_n.jpg
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  13. SuzieJ

    SuzieJ sarNie Oldmaid

    D361EF9B-6F22-47EE-B8A6-A89C6CB2512D.jpeg Chippy and JMa actually look cute together! I never even knew they met. They might have a chance cause JMa is turning into the second Great. He keeps pairing with all the newbies
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  14. spanky

    spanky sarNie Oldmaid


    I love Mia 2018. Only lakorn I fully enjoyed and finished

    A very empowering lakorn.. don't be fool by the character is Boss...Bee emote soo well. She is a Phoenix rises from the ashes on her own. Pk was NOT a prince charming who saves the day. He was a challenger who challenge her to do better and asked hard questions.

    Her character growth is solely for herself and her child. It was never about a guy or fighting over a guy. Pk is goal. Swoon. It was realistic in the show of feelings and the process of it. They did well with that. They had awesome cute scenes but it was not the purpose. It was about a women who lost herself in the title of Mia....but she is more than that. She broke out of her shell but still maintain her core value and compassion. He got her thinking about who she is as an Individual. Not a Mia or mother but as herself Aruna. She's compassionate but didn't take any Sh*t (after her growth. Although before she was retort who she needed to). One of the most powerful scenes is when she fully confront pong. I was blown away at the rawness.

    Very empowering ost too. It gets good starting ep7? I started it there and them skimmed 1-7.
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  15. KitKat516

    KitKat516 sarNie OldFart

    I'll have to go back and watch it then. Thanks
  16. spanky

    spanky sarNie Oldmaid

    Try it. It either will click or not. I started watching because I saw it clips of bee & film. And started when he showed up. Boss is straight fwd guy who calls it as is.

    He called her out at a company retreat

    Who are you?

    Nk- a wife...a mother

    No, who are you? Who is ARUNA?!

    He pushes her out of her comfort zone to think and analyze

    Nk misunderstood and thought he said for her to be a pity? Girl (car show model)

    Pk; you crazy at your age


    It's a good noona romance. Her hair was eh after the transformation but it was tolerable. It was changed later on was slow and longer...pong had some growth. I kind of like that made it more realistic. We don't really change overnight. There's a process in our we deal with it...denial...realizing it and wanting to change for the right reasons

    Most importantly * Self LOVE

    Love the ost

    To live
    I have to fight on
    As long as I am breathing
    I need to continue on
    For that heart that is still beating
    I know there is still a sun

    2nd ost

    There use to be just me and you
    Now it's just me

    I will not let this love destroy me
    I will not let yesterday make me sad
    I will get up...I will get up

    If I don't have you, I won't die
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  17. KitKat516

    KitKat516 sarNie OldFart

    Was Marie annoying though?
  18. spanky

    spanky sarNie Oldmaid

    Yes but no more than other lakorns. She gets her natural karma and nobody is fooled by her "act". Pong gets his natural karma as well.

    1 scene when Marie and bee spat..when shit fully hit the was pretty good
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  19. SuzieJ

    SuzieJ sarNie Oldmaid

    7C27CF3B-8EB6-4142-BB4C-D62ED055BFA2.jpeg Major yes to these two!!!
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  20. Koy123

    Koy123 sarNie Oldmaid

    Oh Great and Prang look smokin’ hot together!!
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