[OneHD] Taley Rissaya: Jes Jespipat, Aom Phiyada, Vill Wannarot

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  1. No denial Jes is kind of cute in here. You can tell he worked out for this role. J/K I don’t know since I don’t follow him. ;)
  2. lanblue

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    Unsure if anyone has translated the clip. Here's a Chinese-subbed version.
    All compliments go to Vill's very diligent CN fans. Seems they'll be subbing the lakorn in Chinese, too.

    00:08 Taley Rissaya 2019 (TR2019)
    00:10 The latest remake, telling the story of an ambitious woman.
    00:16 This is a well-made lakron, a big project.
    00:19 With intriguing plot, outstanding actors and actresses.
    00:21 Aom Phiyada
    00:22 Saksit Tangtong
    00:23 Vill Wannarot
    00:24 Jes Jespipat
    00:24 Amy Klinpratoom
    00:25 Nott Vorarit
    00:26 May Pitchanart
    00:26 Point Cholawit
    00:27 They'll bring to life emotionally intense scenes. More intense than you'll ever imagine.
    00:32 - P'Tang, had we ever collaborated in a big project before?
    - This is the first one.
    00:34 With this lakorn, I got the chance to work with many of the actors and actresses for the first time.
    00:38 Including P'Aom Phiyada, P'Nott, and P'Tang.
    00:46 TR2019 casts actors and actresses with top acting skills
    00:51 All of them act well throughout.
    01:01 I have to do my best. With all the acting skills I've learned.
    01:04 Try my best. For the TV viewers.
    01:11 P'Aom as the nang'rai. So rare to see.
    01:16 And Vill as a surprisingly tough nang'ek.
    01:23 One more plus in TR2019: The pra'ek is a star well-known to our viewers.
    01:28 The pra'ek and nang'ek will be meeting here for the first time and feel the chemistry sizzles.
    01:36 This is the first time Vill and I meet.
    01:39 Many viewers would like to see me work with a different leading actor.
    01:52 This is our first collaboration. Looking forward to it.

    And also from Vill's CN fan:
    Vill's casted in another romantic comedy. The fitting is done. Will be starting filiming soon.
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  3. Ntsuab-Ci

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    This is a big project? Huh...
  4. Lauj

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    So excited for this. :cheer:

    VILLNAN ♥ Adore ToomVill Only♥

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  6. spanky

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    Nok... pong and bee though....love them

    I wish them Well

    It visually looks good
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  7. KitKat516

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    Can't wait!!!!!
  8. Liddysopretty

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    Vill still can't cry, skip.
  9. Koy123

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    Hmmm... I see why Aom has Nok’s character because of her acting. In the original N’ek mom is older than p’ek mom so it would make more sense if Amy plays p’ek Mom. Vill doesn’t look convincing as Bee did. Bee was so good in the original, so was everyone else.
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  10. xcinsationalx

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    Jes and Vill look good together. I've never seen the original so I don't really have a point of comparison. I've only ever seen Pong & Bee once in Buang Ruk Gammatep, but I don't think I ever got to finish it because I couldn't find the rest of the episodes subbed.

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