[OneHD] Poo Ying Khon Nun Chue Boonrawd (Exact)


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Good looking cast. Looks like Charebelle and Singto will be pairing up, at least I hope so :)

The outfits in here reminds me of Tong Nuer Gao.


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Is this a remake of the one with Janjira and Peter (I think that was his name)? It wasn't really my type of lakorn, but strangely, I had tuned in and enjoyed it (go figure!). I'm ambivalent about watching this remake because I never imagined it'd be one that would be remade, but Ii suppose I'll give it a chance when it airs.


sarNie Juvenile
Such a big cast.
Didn't know Charebelle was in here untill i saw the photo of her and singto in hers ig with this lakorn name.lol
Want to watch this for charebelle but the outfits says no for me.


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What's Charabelles role in here? I think I'm going to skim through for Noon.


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Such sad life ... don't want to be born as a girl from a poor family in that era. They always get the worst treatment T____T Maybe that's why I'm glad my family came here ... I get to have the opportunity to better myself whereas if I'm oversea I probably married and with 5+ kids by now :(
I'm watching this for Noon and Willy too -- have not seen the old version so hoping this will be as good as One's other works.


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Willy was my first Thai actor love & this doesn't look too bad so I'll tune in. If anyone is subbing lmk my understanding is limited.


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I want this to air everyday lol I sympathize Namfon's character the most ... I LOVE my family dearly but I would never sacrifice myself to support their happiness.  Everyone has two hands and two feet, go get a job, even if it's dirt dirt dirty. I'm rooting for Boonrawd to be happy. She pretty courageous to stand up for herself even if she's penniless.  That's very admirable!
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