[OneHD] Lah (Exact - Scenario)


sarNie Adult
I'm glad that I'm watching this weekly instead of binge-watching. It would have left me emotionally-drained!

Standing ovation for Mew. I hope she wins tons of awards!

And why not, this lakorn is popular too. The finale hit 3,7 in ratings, so congrats to the team!


sarNie Adult
I couldn't tell exactly what it was saying, but from what I did gather, I think it was statistics.

I agree, Sorn got screwed over from beginning to end by the law. This lakorn was a big question mark on society. People saying they would never do what Sorn did. Well, you don't know that, because you weren't in the position. Many people don't understand the repercussion of rape. Like the lawyer said, she was getting justice for Sorn and Pueng who are both living death. People saying Karma would have gotten the guys eventually, I mean, technically it is Karma, they are the one who caused her mental illness in the end and if they didn't do what they did, there wouldn't be a reason for anyone to go after them and kill them! I think the cast was awesome. I am glad they picked experience actors to play the roles of everyone (well except the younger people).

I feel for Sorn and Pueng. It was torture what those 7 did to them. To teach them a lesson by doing that? Yes, sometimes the law is there but some will get away with things and waiting on karma can take too long for people like them. Who can live a normal life going thru that?

The friends that helped her can't help but blame themselves. So sad, I cried a river.

Mew did awesome and I hope she wins an award for it too @whitedove.