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Discussion in '2018' started by krisayaporn, Jul 2, 2015.

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    I hope she tortures him worst than he died in the other version. He was just shot twice, not enough, if you ask me lol. How could someone do that to their own daughter? Like testify like that and let the people who hurt her go free? Even if you hate your ex-wife, why, why do that to your own child? UGH.
    I hate lawyers who defend people, knowing they are guilty. I know in some cases they believe they are innocent, but in this case, clearly, the lawyer knows they are guilty. I'm not surprised she developed psychological problems. She was done wrong by the justice system set in place to protect you. In Nok Sinjai's version she was conflicted at first between what is right and wrong and regretted killing her ex (he was her first kill), but the pain of what happened to her was able to overtake her.

    This is one of those cases where you can't really tell what is black or white. It is true, she murdered people cruelly, but society and people around her forced her into it. Like she says, no one wants to become a killer. Had, she been the only person who suffered, I don't think she would have gone on the murdering spree, but because her daughter was hurt, that is what broke the camel's back. People can be high and mighty and say that what she did was wrong because she has no right to be jury, judge, and executioner. However, how else is she supposed to feel justification in her life? 1. Her scum husband took everything from her in their divorce, even if it was his fault. 2. The seven scum who hurt her and her child. 3. The justice system not punishing them, and not to mention she finds out because of the drugs is one of the reasons they targetted her to?
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    Oh hell no. They need to change how he dies. That is too easy for him. I agree. He deserves worse. Just because he didn't torture them, he is mostly the cause of it. Like really, save him for last, cut off his D and maybe his tongue and let him live. If she does him first and let him live, he'd just snitch and ruin everything.

    She did give the drugs (found from the bear) to the cops. Then her identity was revealed on national TV because of her SOB ex trying to piggyback off their good deed. They really should have been put in some witness protection program. Not sure if they have that in Thailand.

    Oh yeah. And her daughter seem to be safe staying with that guy who loves her, but her coworkers had to run their goddamn mouth. So she took her daughter back to live in that slum.
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    Omg this lakorn is just too sad. The scene on the rooftop where Mew was going to commit suicide and then her friend and Tang came to rescue her really had me balling. Mew's acting of being hopeless and helpless was just so good. You could feel all her emotions. I really can't wait until she starts to take revenge. I want all of those seven guys and her ex husband to suffer in the most horible way they can. They really make me hate their character. I can't stand their laugh and smirk. I hated the attorney for the bad guys too. He just annoys me with the way how he talks.
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    Does anyone know what ทรชน (torachon) means? They say it often to describe the 7 men.
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    I think it means Outlaw
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    Thanks. That makes sense. Google translate says slaughter.

    Looks like Sorn is gonna beat down her ex next week. How much money can that dude burn through. Good god. I think she would have had a better life had she not married him. I wish she was nicer to her friend though. Her friend is really an angel, and she's pretty much always pushed her away and doesn't listen to her. She must've done something to help her friend in the past for her stick by like this.

    I feel bad for the other ladies the sensei helped, too. That woman who killed 3 men seems a lot like Sorn.

    And the 3 men about to get raped in prison, I wish the other 4 was there with them. They still look so angry at Sorn like after what they did to her, she deserved it and they don't deserve to be in jail. I don't think Sorn even has a choice but to go down this path. If she doesn't kill, those men would come after her and Pueng after they get out of jail.
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    People criticizing her character, saying no matter what you shouldn't take the law into your own hands. They don't understand the implications lol.

    1. She's emotionally and mentally damaged. Basically, post traumatic stress disorder
    2. The judges that delivered the verdicts, all males?
    3. Every where she turns and people who she believed was supposed to protect her, have so far, failed her.

    What people need to see is, there will be more Matusorn, if the issue of rape and sexual assault doesn't get taken seriously. I've always equated rape with murder because, rape is a lifelong effect, some people are able to assimilate back into society and live normally, but their scars are ever lasting. It is like living hell on earth. You're alive, but your soul, spirit, and mentality is dead. It is the same thing as being murdered. Yep, Sorn believes she is protecting herself. Those guys came after her because of the drugs, and now they going to prison and what happened to them in prison, they will come after her. Hell, the law couldn't protect her from those monsters, what do they think she feels like? -.-
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    There are people criticizing her character? Where? On Pantip or something? I google translated through the top Youtube comments, and everyone is ready for her to go after the men. If your child gets raped and tortured, you would take matters into your own hands if you were able to. Sorn tried to do the right thing all her life, and that backfired on her.

    Psychiatrically, she seems to either have schizophrenia or multiple personality disorder at this point.

    Rape could possibly be worse than death, because you live with that memory for the rest of your life. Look at war veterans who have PTSD and are homeless, because they can't cope. Those men would go after her after being released from prison just like those 3 men who went after the other woman. No doubt about that. She even gave everything to her husband, and that SOB still comes back to haunt her. He won't stop until she dies. So it's either him or her.

    To her, she already feels like she's lost everything, even her innocent daughter who can't remember her. She has that property and money for Peung, if Peung ever recovers. She's ready to throw her life away to get back at those men for killing her daughter. She's not dead, but you know what I mean. But the thing is Peung doesn't want the money, Peung would want her mom more than anything in the world. :sad6:

    People were victim blaming though. Like Sorn was too prideful to accept help from people. They say she should've known that place was dangerous and should have swallowed her pride for her daughter. I don't think Sorn was prideful. She just didn't want to bother those who cared about her, and plus she wanted to be a role model of a strong, independent woman for Peung. Also, although she suffered abuse from her husband, a part of her still believed that if you were a good person, nothing bad would happen. If she didn't, she would have been afraid of the consequences of turning in those drugs, but it didn't even seem like she knew it. She thought the justice system would protect her, but she learned that they couldn't too late. :(
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    There are some comments on youtube, mostly people saying they don't agree with vigilante justice, and no one has the right to take anyone else's life. Which, honestly, bullshit lol. Those people didn't consider her rights when they decided to ruin her life and her child's life. If you make the choice to take someone else's human rights, then you forfeit your own, is how i see it. Like really, who even see those men as human anymore, after that? I sure as hell don't.

    I don't doubt that she has multiple personality disorder at this point or schizophrenia, she was mentally broken. Not to mention the abuse by her husband leading up to it all.
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    Another thing i want to add, I was so damned disgusted by those coworkers who were talking smack and rubbing shit in when they are women themselves. Like, how low of a humility do you have to be able to step on someone when they are already in the lowest parts of lows.
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    Dude, I totally overlooked the part that they are also women. They'd have to have really low self-esteem to attack another woman and her child. What came out of that woman's mouth with the glasses was disgusting. She jokes about the rape and brings the child into it. The boss guy should find a way to fire them. He shouldn't have those kind of toxic people working for him.
  12. KhoOnxNouxWanxJai

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    In America they would be fired for sexual harassment and making working environment, unbearable.
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    "If you kill with a blade, you should know that you will die by the blade." Learned this phrase from another drama and frankly, I couldn't agree more.

    My blood boiled just watching the courtroom drama and then feeling sad and upset with Sorn. I can't wait for heads to roll.
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    That's not a thing in Thailand?
  15. KhoOnxNouxWanxJai

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    They probably do, but not as serious as it is in America. I know here, where I used to work, someone called another coworker a slut and was sent to a sexual harassment camp and written up. The next time he made a snide comment about her using bed posts to get her position. He was fired immediately. So, those girls the things they were saying, they probably would have gotten heavily reprimanded, if not fired. Here, in the U.S. anyway.
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    Is Pueng ever gonna get better? Or did she pretty much die that night?
  17. KhoOnxNouxWanxJai

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    I don't quite remember, but I do remember in the old version she was there when her mom was killing the last guy, the leader (Tao's character). She tried to stop her mom, I think? I remember her calling out for her mom and shocked. I don't remember much after that. I do remember her stepping on the bad guy though.
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    I don't wanna feel bad for the bad guys. When seeing how they were set up in jail, it made me think about how their being born poor and in a bad environment made them the way they are. How bullies are likely to be bullied themselves. Doesn't excuse their actions of course.

    In the beginning, the doctor showed Sorn a drawing Pueng made, so I figured she still had a long way to recovery or would be forever mentally stunted to thinking like a pre school-aged child.
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    Just started this with Ep.8. Mew is absolutely stunning in the role. Not looks wise but acting wise. P'Ratklao is awesome too. Did they give a reason for her helping Mew? And I love the Ost song.

    Thailand's mostly Buddhists so yeah revenge isn't supposed to be their thing. I mean you still get plenty of lakorns with the long suffering doormat n'eks as a "model" for being a good person and living a good life.

    But what the hell, that stuff isn't entertaining to watch. It's really satisfying to watch a person get justice for themselves when the system fails you. So yeah I'm gonna watch the rest of the story with my pom poms out.
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    The sensei lady seems to help other women who were abused, too. No reason as to why yet.

    Not sure when the original Lah aired and when Park Chan Wook started his Vengeance trilogy, but they give me a similar vibe. Lah might actually be more violent and sexual without being as graphic as PCW. Which thank god, because I don't need to see that.

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