[OneHD] Kahon Maha Ratuek (Exact) : Pong Nawat / Vill Wannarot

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    Thank you jaaa I was I about to do it.
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    OneHD executive producer Pon Nipon revealed about 4 new project dramas in next year
    and the one is Kahon Maha Ratuek, based on novel by Prab. This novel is period - suspense novel,
    cast Pong Nawat and Vill Wannarot to be lead actor and actress,
    directed by W0rawit Kattuyayothin (from Ngao Asoke)


    • Synopsis
    'In 1953, while The Great Easter Asia war had been happenning. It has dreadful murder case at Bangkok,
    see mysterious tattoos on dead body at wrist, over forehead and ankle. This is beginning of weird serial homicide in Bangkok'
    Inspector of Investigate division Pol.lt. Col Waytarng Phiromruj got reporting, found dead girl in residence at Rakung Dusitraram temple.
    Body looked like to be poisoned and be hit at the back of head untill it was broken
    This case's full of mysterious thing in initial investigate. Mother of dead also give circuitous testimony.
    They see 5 tattoo word --- [Yao, Jao, Pae, Ting, Pong]
    Moreover, this incident repeatedly happen in short time. Second victim isn't die but....
    What they see is so weird and next case will happen in next day. This time, tattoo looks dim.
    They almost can't read it...Maybe, this case has been happened for long times and
    ...First body wouldn't be as they saw
    Every event can strangely connect together but mysterious tatto looks different in each time
    when it's appear, hardly find the connection. What a reason? That's what Pol.lt. Con. Waytarng,
    Pol.Capt Chane and Pol.Lt Krabi must find out murderer together
    All of clues bring them to weird serial homicide and mysterious tattoo
    which is around Thon Buri and Bangkok. History's scar and art language secret will be unveiled soon
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    Wow! I like the cast and director! And it's PERIOD! Vill's best era.

    Thank you for the information Kris.
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    YAHHH Another period lakorn for Vill. :clap::clap::clap::clap:
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    I wonder if this is still in place this year? I just saw an interview of P'Boy and he's doing a series of mini series called Pidsawat, not the lakorn Pong and Noon were in last year but like a 4 part series that have different stories, about 8-10 episodes each. P'Boy didn't mention this at all.

    In the Pidsawat series, Kangsom and Vill will be paired up again. Lol
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    Pong seems having another Lakron with ch7, not sure if this one still going to happen
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    cr as tagged

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    I hope Vill is the killer! That would be awesome!
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    She acted as a bird with push, a ghost with Sean, now you want her to become a killer :risas3:
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    lol You know I love to watched those gerner so I want her to be become killer for once

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    GUESS WAHT!!! Toomtam is in this lakorn too hahah
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    ToomTan haunted Vill and Vill Haunted ToomTan LoL
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    First official character poster
    Pong Nawat play as Pol. Lt. Con Waytarng Phiromruj inspector of Investigation Division,
    who must face with strange homicide, found the weird tattoo on a corpe

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    Ugh so disappointed that Toomtam has been in so many supporting roles lately...
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    I agree, seriously they are wasting his talent away. They're not giving him roles for him to grow as an actor. Plus I have a hard time watching lakorn where the lead guy is older than the lead girl. Pong's not a bad actor but age wise I'd prefer Vill with Toomtam.
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