[ONE31]Taan Tawan Janward : Kang Vorakarn/Ferny Nopjira

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    This is probably gonna replace Dork Kaew Ga Lhong. Looks like it is a sequel to Dork Kaew Ga Lhong. Pra'eks younger sister played by Ferny is the nang'ek. Since Pun died in Dork Kaew Ga Lhong, I guess this is so she can find love.

    The background for her character in Dork Kaew Ga Lhong

    Janward is the younger sister of Tawan, she met Wasan because he was leasing a studio she owned (he was also the boyfriend of Dork Kaew/Ga Lhong, nang'ek). They became close and eventually the two sleep together. Wasan goes to rescue Janward who is kidnapped by the bad guys that attempted to kill Dork Kaew's father in order to take his fortune. Wasan is critically injured and dies in the hospital.
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    This is airing on the 13th. Even though the acting for Dork Kaew Gahlhong was bad. I think this one will be much better. I feel that Ferny is pretty decent and Kang is pretty good to. Bright and Plengkwan were the worst in DKG lol. I wish they would release some info or trailer on this. It's already going to air! The beginning sounds interesting though.

    Janward is in Wasan's gallery thinking of her past with him, and all of the sudden someone breaks in and attempts to sexually assault her. She fights with all her might, but is overpowered. Suddenly, Kang's character rushes in and helps her in time. He lays her on the couch and watches over her from afar worried and concerned, but doesn't dare to show himself because he is afraid she will know who he is.

    -.-" They better not do it a twist where Wasan got plastic surgery and faked his death or some shizz, like bro, you're dead, let the girl move on lol.
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    Is anyone else watching this? It is much more bearable than the first lakorn lol (acting wise). Although, the story is kind of basic.
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    Tried. The story just isn't anything new.
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    Yeah, storyline is basic, but I love Ferny. She still needs some improvement, but I feel that she is better than Plengkwan. I wish, they would push her more than Plengkwan.
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    I don't know how to feel about this lakorn, because alot of crap has happened and like everyone is in danger, but Tawan has not even returned to help his family lol.

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