[ONE31] Si Nae Ha Saree (The One Enterprise): Sean Jindachot / Baifern Pimchanok


sarNie Oldmaid
I just realized. I really hope Channel 3 doesn't air their Baifern drama the same time as One. Channel 3 released their trailer around the same time as One, and many people aren't gonna wanna see the same main actress in different dramas at the same time. Look at Nanon in Bad Buddy and Never Too Late.
Well, GMM dramas are my bias but to be fair Channel 3 first announced an airing date. I just hope this airs on Wednesday/Thursday timeslot instead so this won't directly collide with her other drama. While Channel 3 has been a lightweight as of late, this is Baifern we're talking about. ("46 Days" not doing that well in the ratings is a fluke and yes that's another case of it being placed against "Lhong Fai" rerun.)