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    From what I remember Captain ends up married to both Tangmo's and Amy's characters later, right? If I remember correctly, Mo's current mother in law is the person who played her role last version, right? Lol.
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    Girl, I don't know all that. I was only into the kid gen. But how does Captain get to marry Mo AND Amy? WTF. Mo & Amy seem like good people. They deserve better than Captain, if he can't make up his mind.

    Jesus. The only people who stay loyal are Poo, Pleaw and his parents.
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    From what I remember, Fluke marries Lilly who mistreats Mo. Mo develops cancer or somethingish and eventually Fluke divorces her. His mom kicks her and Soh out and Captain, marries her because he still cares about her. Mo still loves Fluke though, but I think she married Jao (Captain) out of guilt because she broke his heart years ago. Captain has stopped loving Mo in that way by this time and has started to develop feelings for Amy, but he wants to take care of Mo. Mo knows this, and is ok with it as she never loved Captain. Amy divorces Dom's character because he sleeps with Pim after it is revealed that Plaew is his daughter. Captain at some point confesses to Amy that he didn't know how his feelings for her developed, but it did and not as young people, but as adults who have both gone through life. At this point Soh is still living with Captain as he somewhat adopted her. Amy will marry Captain and Milly will move with her.

    Honestly, I kind of understood Lak/Amy, she lived with Dom/Tan Chai continuously snarking at her over Captain. Like, if I remember right, he literally never stopped and eventually she just had it. I mean, can you imagine living decades with someone who keeps accusing you of cheating and snarking.
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    Should I watch this? The only reason why I'm considering is because of Gun's beautiful song.
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    Yeah, Tangmo's mother in law played her role.

    I hope there's more development between the pairings in the children generation because from what I remember there wasn't much development, especially with Pakinai and Plew. Is anyone subbing this though?
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    And ends up being the one cheating himself? HAHAHAHAHA what a hypocrite.

    The kids just end up spiting each other because of what the parents did. I feel really bad for Soh out of the kids' gen. I'm still kinda iffy about Captain, but eh, I guess at least he's honest about it.
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    I think Captain's character was a pretty good guy (depends on how they let it play out in here, I think after you see it play out, you would understand) I mean he loved Mo in his youth, but felt the need to protect her after her divorce. At that time I think he had already fallen for Amy's character, but didn't realize it. I remember a scene between her character and Amy's character in the old version where they were talking and Mo's character told Amy's character that even Cap himself didn't know that he no longer loved Mo in that way. Mo never forgot Fluke and in her last moments as she was dying she asked to see Fluke and be held by him one final time and eventually died in his arms.

    As for Dom's character, he was a good provider and such but a terrible husband emotionally. Imagine to spend all your marriaged being snarked and shit over some guy you never had anything with. He even accused her of cheating when she never did lol. He constantly made her feel like shit because he saw that Captain was falling for her, and she never showed any type of real interest until she realized her marriage was over (the cheating)

    Edit: So, Lilly's character is actually Milly's cousin (Niece of Dom) cause her dad is older brother of Dom.
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    It's kinda amusing that Captain's been single all this time, and all of a sudden, he's gonna get two wifeys. lol.

    OMG, Fluke is an A-hole. He'll just dump Lilly for the next beautiful woman he sees. Jesus. Mo is gonna be so heartbroken. She is too pure for that world.

    Soh is just like her grandma. How could she be like that with Praew, when her mom also comes from a poor background. Girl got brainwashed by granny.

    Praew and Yingyor seem to get along like sisters. So I'm guessing Praew turns on Yingyor after finding out they have the same dad. I like Praew the way she is now. I hope she doesn't get annoying after the revelation.

    Neither Poo or Pakinai stand out currently. For now, I like the original Poo more.
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    Praew doesn't turn on Yingyor, in the old version they remained good friends and even better after the truth is revealed.
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    I'm glad that Pa doesn't end up with Yingyor, he doesn't deserve her. He doesn't even deserve Praew. Pa was a terrible guy in the kids generation lol. I now remember the old version and not liking Pa so much, he was a excuse my language, bitch lol. He was soo all Som this Som that, then Ying doesn't want him anymore and he starts accusing her of being cruel for ignoring him because she doesn't want to have issues with Som.
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    awww Poo is all protective of Yingyor after Pa is just ditching her now. The Pa character just sucks. I can't believe he's praeg.
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    Yep, he tries to go back to Ying after awhile, but good thing Yingyor had more dignity than to let him back in her heart. It sucks that he ends up with a badass person like Praew, she deserves better! She should have ended up with Som's brother who was a sweetheart. Also, I can see why Ying Lak leaves Tan Chai because he lets his jealousy cloud and constantly makes sarcastic comments.
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    I understand why Mo is upset with Lilly, but she should really be bitch slapping Fluke. I don't know why the girls or guys end up pissed off at each other, when really, it's their cheating significant other that they should be more upset with. There's a scene in "Love & Basketball" where she catches her boyfriend cheating. Instead of slapping the girl, she slaps her boyfriend. That was a surprise to everyone and very satisfying.

    I kinda get where Tan Chai is coming from. He loves Amy so much but never really believed she got over Captain. Pim's guy ended up becoming alcoholic, when he found out. And Tan Chai is, well, the way he is.

    Basically, in this drama, dudes can't stand the idea of another dude in their woman's lives but expect their woman to be okay with them having other women. lol.
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    Yep and I know this is how it was in the older version, but disappointed in Ying Chom (Lilly), it's like she married Fluke to spite Mo lol. I think Captain is pretty decent guy, except in away he is instigating issues hahaha even though unintentionally. The thing with Tan Chai, I understand him too, but he married Amy knowing the situation. He even told Pim "People of my status can only marry based on the elders, and I expect she is the same situation." He knew that Amy marrying him is because of the elders and not out of love. Amy doesn't necessarily show any cheating tendencies so he needs to chill lol. That is why he ends up sleeping with Pim again later. He was upset when they got into an argument and allowed Pim into his head.
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    I love how Pooh is always standing up for Yingyor (even though she doesn't always know). Today's episode, I was so proud of him when he was like "Why does Som have to be angry with Yingyor, it isn't her fault that she is born to be Chom's relative. No one can pick where they are born, and even if they could, it isn't necessary to be born elsewhere just because you are afraid that someone like Som will be mad at you." LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The only thing is one thing was in the previous version when he drowned and Plaew saved him. He thought she was Yingyor and kissed her. Then afterwards he just kind of shrugged off the responsibility (I know he shouldn't have to take responsibility over a mistake, but he should have at least apologized to her).

    This version is almost like the previous word for word lol.
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    Oh god. I hope that doesn't happen.

    Looks like Som is gonna hate Yingyor even more, when Captain gets with Amy. I like how Pim is so protective of Mo. If Pim wasn't gonna sleep with Dome again, I could ship that hahahaha.

    Damn. It's a remake. They should change stuff! Make Pa end up alone.
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    Som's hatred mostly stemmed from jealousy. She tries to sabotage Praew too after she finds out that she is Ying Yor's sister. Especially since Praew is higher in status she is Mom Ratchawong while Som is Mom Luang.
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    Som is so much like her granny in some ways. Some of her mom is in her. I felt like she was treating Praew like a friend before her dad cheated ofc.

    The situation with her dad totally messed her up. She was already going through enough shit with her mom being treated like any other worker in the home. I feel like being brought up in that kind of environment gave her really low self-esteem. In some ways, she's kinda like Pim in that regard.

    I sympathize with her character a lot and can't really hate her at this point.

    Oddly enough, her brother seems to be ok.
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    Yep, Had Som not be been raised alongside her grandma, she would have been a very good person. Her grandfather was a good man, Mo was a great wife and mother. Also, knowing that her grandma purposely tried to get her mom sick (and did) probably made it even worst. I won't really hate her til the end lol when she actually attempts to kill people lol. I hate that I remember the old version now LOL. Also, can I just say, today's episode, I love Poo? Lol. Som is pretty ignorant here regardless of her upbringing lol, Som's acting is pretty good for a newbie.
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    Yingyor's character is too weak for today's nangeks. Weak characters like her were more popular back in the day. I wish they would have changed her a bit to go with the times.

    Poo's character is great. He's still in that stage where "girls have cooties" but has feelings for Yingyor lol.

    This episode though. Dome isn't unwarranted with his jealousy. Amy is so still into Captain, and Captain is making moves. Doesn't make Dome sleeping with Pim right though. I do find one fault with Captain. Although he likes to carry himself around as a gentleman, he's hitting on some other guy's wife.

    Why doesn't Lilly just marry someone else. It's not like she loves Fluke. So stupid to just marry a guy to one up other people.

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