[ONE31] Sai Ruk Sai Sawat : Bifern Anchasa/Camilla Kittivat/Tongtong/Captain/Fluke/Dom/Tre


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Wow.....they expand the parents and made it more dramatic. This is extremely confusing now.

I didn't like Got character. The poor nk was nice enough and a bit sassy then turn bitchy/revengeful after she claim her birth right. It already look extremely dramatic


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I'm wondering is Bifern playing as Pim's daughter and Milly is Amy's daughter? Correct me if I'm wrong, it's just what I'm assuming.


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So the parents' generation looks like this? This is like the second time Tangmo is playing Fluke's second lady. WTH. :rolleyes:

Dome x Amy x Pim
Fluke x Lilly x Tangmo
Captain x Amy


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Yeah Bifern is Pim's and Milly's is Amy's.

72701, you got it right for the most part except it's also kind of Captain/Amy/Tangmo.

From what I remember in the old one using the new cast names:
Captain and Amy were engaged but he fell in love with Tangmo so he broke off their engagement. Then Amy and Dome met and fell in love but Dome was always paranoid that Amy still loved Captain (he was kinda right). So being the typical weak dude, he slept with Pim.

Both Fluke and Captain loved Tangmo but she only loved Fluke. The n'rai in the kids gen is Tangmo/Fluke's kid.

Fluke later on divorced Tangmo and married Lilly but by this time the kids are grown up. Lilly is Amy's sister I think or cousins? Not sure how they're related.

The only no-drama people in the whole story were the p'eks parents. They just sat back and watched the train wreck their friends and sons were lol.


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I honestly expect it to be overly dramatic and long if it is a period lakorn done by ONE. When they make period lakorns they tend to go very grand. It is probably their longest lakorns of the year lol. I love the cast for this. For me, I don't feel like anyone got demoted or anything in these type of lakorns. Most of the cast in here are still playing pra'ek and nang'ek roles in their own right.

What I like about it is, they threw quality cast into the project like Ruen Benjapit, now let's hope the storyline doesn't disappoint too much lol.


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Who is bifern playing? I felt like the 2nd couple wasn't't as genuine....they settled cuz the other didn't't get them


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WOW! I’m so excited for this. Haven’t been following a lakorn as much as I wanted so this sounds like it’ll do it for me haha