[ONE31] Poot Pissawat (Montara Entertainment Co., Ltd.) : Film Thanapat/Bifern Anchasa/ Pinky Savika

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    No biggie, my shadow does the same thing but im use to it . Touch/Ning was less abusive than Noon/Kade tho but still annoying that nek is weak and she a ghost! Smh.
  3. xcinsationalx

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    Wow this is sounding hard to ship, I hope they change it lol
  4. lee yubi

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    hi guys
    i heard that pinky had schandles before with tania husband and she was pregnant which i believe it's not true
    than why they give her female lead roles anymore ,only once every year for villian roles:confused12:
  5. KhoOnxNouxWanxJai

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    She becomes human that's why she's able to feel physical pain but spoilerrr

    At the end heaven or hell (can't remember) says that she has outlived her life so they aged her to what she is supposed to be. So you have the pra'ek and a very old woman together at the end
  6. xcinsationalx

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    What the heck? Seriously? No :facepalm: I know most people hate it when they rewrite scripts too much, but this one I seriously hope they change :worship2:
  7. KhoOnxNouxWanxJai

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    Most likely they will. ONE never keeps the script close to the previous channel that did it. Example, Ngao Asoke lol.
  8. xcinsationalx

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    Hopefully, they are all changes for the better
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  10. Koy123

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    They changed the ghost to vampire?? Lol
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    Oh noooooo lol
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    Oh yeah, I was going to ask you guys about that. Because the summary said ghost but Bifern has fangs lol
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  13. Koy123

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    In the original, the n’ek was a cursed ghost.
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    Oh ok, lol i remember now. Yes she was a cursed ghost or vampire and had to get young men's blood for the head ghost so that he can become immortal. She then met praek, they fell in love, and he helped her get away from the ghost by becoming human by drinking his blood(?).

    Touch and Ning were so good in this. I was so shipping them back then. Their movie was good too, still have it on dvd lol
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  16. Mannie

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    This looks good! I don’t remember nang aek being a vampire though only a ghost. This one looks hella crazy though but Bifern and Film look cute!!
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    I hope they cut the black magic out cus it was dumb and so 80s :rolleyes:
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  18. jeanie1

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    Oh man. Vampire? Aren’t they about several years late from when fangs were all trendy?

    The old versions were definitely just ghosts.
  19. KitKat516

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    Here's the original version with Ning and Touch.

    Cr original uploader
  20. Liddysopretty

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    I'm waiting for this one! The trailer looks pretty good already.
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