[ONE31] Phatu Kat 2019 (?): Mam Kathaleeya/Bifern Anchasa/Plengkwan/Tre/Neng Saran


sarNie Oldmaid
Why does this look like a fan MV of the two boys lool I’m excited for this one!
Lmao, that's how all the promotions have felt like, to be honest. I think the series will probably focus a lot on their friendship. It also seems like there is a love triangle with Plengkwan's character, which confuses me because I thought Baifern was Neng's love interest. But she's been in almost none of the teasers/trailers.


sarNie Egg
I was actually confused by this at first, coz I thought the focus of this drama would be the 3 ladies Mam, Bifern and Plengkwan.

Could it be that they're just downplaying promotion of Bifern's role here for now, as her own drama "Poot Pitsawat" just started?