[One31] Monggut Dok Ya: Xiang Pornsroung / Natthew / Kaothip Tidadin / Pepo Nutchapan


sarNie Adult
Based on the actors in this photo, it looks like this is for another musical drama in the vein of "Sao Noi Roy Lan View" (which did well in the ratings) and the soon-to-air "Siang Euan Sateuan Dao". This is likely taking the first slot (1900H to 1955H) in One31's weeknight dramas.



sarNie Adult
Natthew bb. I'm sad to see him in second lead roles.

N'Xiang is on a roll since Lah. I can't even believe I watched that whole drama. It's probably one of the most disturbing dramas I've ever watched all the way through. I still see her as that little girl, and it's so strange seeing her in lead adult roles already.
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