[ONE31] Love Hurts (The One Enterprise): Mai Davika / Jes Jespipat / Mew Suppasit


sarNie Oldmaid
One31 is doing a marathon of this on Sunday April 16th

Very timely actually as this is gaining some momentum ratings-wise. This got a 2.1 rating last Tuesday. It helped that Channel 7 isn't currently airing dramas, instead they're airing debate for the upcoming election in Thailand.


sarNie Hatchling
This drama is picking up the momentum. Last episode got a 2.8, already higher than any drama One31 has broadcasted this year. Pantip members speculate it would touch 3 in the next episode.

And why this lakorn is in the Old Lakorn section? The lakorn hasn't even ended yet. Admin please move this back to Currently Airing


sarNie Oldmaid
^ This is pulling off a "Mia 2018" ratings run, though Channel 7 not airing any drama for now is benefitting this.

Yeah, seems like there's some confusion regarding threads to move.


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I love Mai, but gonna pass on this lakorn, I don’t know the guys she’s acting with. Nothing sparks my interest these days :confused: