[ONE31] Leaut Kon Khon Jaang (Nadao Bangkok & 4NOLOGUE): Tang Saksit/Mam Kathleeya/9x9 Members

Discussion in '2018' started by KhoOnxNouxWanxJai, Mar 24, 2018.

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    Wonder about the story line.
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  4. KhoOnxNouxWanxJai

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  5. Mannie

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    Omg Mam and Tang!! More of them hahah I honestly don't mind watching more of them. Loving them in Wimarn Duang Dao rn haha

    Omg looks good! I think Mam and Tang are siblings in here though.. weird hahah. This looks like a GMM lakorn. The quality and style of it. Nice! I'm excited lol
  6. dancy

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    Chart of the cast:

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    Is anyone watching? is this good?
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    Whoaaa been waiting for this thread to pop up! I watched the first two episodes and it was so damn good (in my defense, I'm quite picky when it comes to lakorn, but I was completely hooked since the first time I saw the trailer) I love love the background music since it screams anything but majestic feel to it and can we have a moment of appreciation to the quality? (camera, acting, production value) I think the GDH factor contributes a lot to it. They elevate every aspects of the lakorn to movie quality and they even had the workshop before! (as it was done only for movie).

    As the story line I like that we can already see the glimpse of flaws and cracks here and there within the seemingly happy and perfect family. Every siblings have their own hidden agendas and ulterior motives, and I like they don't drag from the initial but straight nosediving to the case and there you have, everyone is the suspect.

    On another note, I thought it was a patriarchal type of family, but with the sudden demise of their head of the family, I can see that it is actually the mother who has control over everything. It was apparent the mother favors her boys more than Patsorn (Mam) :( (I loathe the inequality and favoritism especially related to gender, but understandably and commonly happen on Chinese descent family all over the world). I low key sympathize Paris' (still can't figure out his character's name yet) since he is a n illegitimate child, her mom already has terminal illness and at a drop of a hat, he lost his father; and Yi (Top), he is the eldest (?) among the cousin but he is overlooked since he comes from the daughter not the son.

    Looking forward to these week's episodes. They only showed the tip of the iceberg and I can't hardly wait to see the root of the problems:cheer::worship2:
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  10. Kelly...OM

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    Sounds good I'll prob start it! I don't think anyone is subbing this right?
  11. dertaajaf

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    That's the problem, when the plot is getting thicker and there's bit by bit that's being revealed, I could only scratch my head and fathom what are they talking about:facepalm::crybaby2:
  12. Kelly...OM

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    Lol I guess, we'll have to wing this one. I understand thai but not 100%. I need subs for the words I don't know haha.
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    People are speculating that this is the story of Ning Panita's in law versus Nui Sujira's in law.
  14. 72701

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    I have no idea what that even means lol.

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