[ONE31] A Gift for Whom You Hate (GMMTV): Toni Rakkaen / Yayaying Ratha / Mek Jirakit / Namtan Tipnaree / Victor Zheng


sarNie Egg
Amongst the 13 series that GMMTV announced in their event last November, IMO this is the most intriguing. I think this is the darkest concept that GMMTV has to-date, and I'm so looking forward to see this. This has the same director as "Happy Birthday" (which is a really really good drama), and this is likely airing around October after "3 Will Be Free" has finished airing (Friday 2200H slot, which appears to be GMMTV's timeslot in One31 channel for this year).



sarNie Adult
This is why I only consider watching GMM dramas. They're the only ones putting out unique stories that aren't the typical Thai dramas. I think people like me would have stopped watching Thai dramas a long time ago, if it wasn't for GMM.