One Way Destination


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Chapter 3

"Here you go Mee. Sorry for the trouble." P'Kan handed Mee her phone.

"Thanks." Mee begins looking at her messages. "Umm, p'Kan, did you read my messages by any chance?"

"Oh no, it wasn't me. Maybe it was Sila. You two have the same type of phone."

"Why did he have my phone?"

"Well you see, the phones got swapped earlier."

"Oh.. I see.." Rasamee read the message and called Nat. Sila was secretly hiding behind the counter eavesdropping at Mee.

**ring ring**


"Hey Nat."

"Did you need something Mee?"

"I was wondering if we could change the time to 5 instead since I'm almost finished with work."

"That's fine. I'll come pick you up since I get off earlier today. I'll see you soon."

P'Kan smiled at Mee. "Oh my, why aren't you one lucky lady Rasamee."

Rasamee began to blush. "He's just a friend."

"Well you better get back to work."

"Yes. You can go ahead first."

P'Kan walked away. Rasamee was staring outside the window. Sigh. I just want to get this job over with. I don't want to see him anymore. The more I try to avoid him, the more he'll appear in my life.

Sila silently walked behind her. "Who are you talking to?"

Rasamee was shocked. She tried to stay calm as she continued looking out the window. "No one. Just talking to myself."

"Really? Then tell me, who is this "him" you're talking about?" A smirk grew unto his face.

"Who knows?" She starts pointing around. "Maybe him, him, him, or even him." Her fingers pointed to Sila in the end. She looked at her watch. "Well, time to get back to work." She started walking away.

Sila tightly grabbed her wrist making her spin around. "I know what you're trying to do."

"Please explain to me what is the meaning of this? Now let go."

"You're trying to win over me. You're trying to be the next big thing around here."

"Don't get too full of yourself. I don't even care much for the entertainment industry." She glared straight into his eyes. "Everyone is FAKE!!! JUST LIKE YOU!!!"

Sila pushed Mee aside. "YOU BRAT! YOU REMIND ME OF SOMEONE WHO I HATE!" He begins having a headache. He moves his hand to his head.

"A- Are you al-alright?" asked Rasamee in concern. She tried to go near him but got pushed away.

"I don't want someone low like you to touch me. You probably slept with producers to get to where you are now. Such a disgusting woman. I can't believe I would think that you were my old annoying lover who I threw aside."

Rasamee slapped Sila hard on the face. "I don't scoop down that low. The lowest I ever went was meeting an annoying man like you."

Sila stared at her in shock. Did this bitch just slap me? The last time I felt such a hard heavy slap was with.. Sila began laughing crazily. "My my, I can't believe I didn't sum it all up sooner. You're definitely Rasamee. The exact same Rasamee I threw away 5 years ago because she was so stupid."

"It's such a pity that the girl you talk of is a past I want to forget. She was such a delicate toy that was used by you. You should be happy that you'll never see her again. Oh the tears that she cried was so painful. Crying night and day for her lover who abandoned her for another woman. But it doesn't matter now since I'm a whole new different person. I would never make the same mistake twice!"

**click click**

"My my.. What interesting news I've discovered."

"Who are you?" questioned Sila.

"I am Aiko, the famous reporter for Dara Gossip."

"Ah, the annoying woman who always gets the latest scoops."

"Ahahaha.. Say what ever you want, I got the scoop right in my hand. It will be on everything tomorrow. The headline will be "The Unbelievable Secret Between Famous Heartthrob Sila and Rising Star Rasamee."

(Both Sila and Mee)

"Wow.. what a lame headline."

"WHY YOU!!! Hmph.. I'll make you two go down the drain!" Reporter Aiko walked off.

Sila and Mee stared at each other. "IT'S ALL BECAUSE OF YOU!!!"

......................TO BE CONTINUED...................

I realized I like jumped everything into this chapter lol.. the secret came out so fast lol.. hahha.. hopefully it makes sense.. hehe i decided to add myself in there as the reporter ehehe lmfao.. anyways.. do enjoy... i'm thinking of makin a mag.. lalala... enjoy..



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ahahahahaha.. i dont wanna write anymore.. i just wanna ps stuff for this fic.. lol.. hahahaha.. xp...

this is my first time ever makin a mag.. lol...



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Chapter 4

"ME? How is it my fault? Huh? Huh?" they both argued.

Rasamee touched her forehead. "Still the same old jerk. I don't have time for this."

Sila sat down on the chair. "A man like me is not on a jerk list. Only on yours."

"Are you happy to be on that list?" Her cellphone began to ring. "Nat?"

"Mee, I'm just calling you that it's a change of plan. I'm off work now. I'll swing by at your workplace today. P'Kan already told me where so just wait patiently. Oh, and Mee... I .. I also have a surprise for you.."

"A surprise? I wonder what that can be.. That's fine then. I'll wait for you then.." Sila stole the cellphone and interrupted the call. "Sorry to whoever you are. Rasamee isn't going anywhere. You got that?" **Beep Beep Beep** The phone was shut off.

"HEY!!! What's the meaning behind this?"

"You heard what I said."

"You're crazy. Gosh you make my head hurt." She tried to grab her phone from his hand.

"Nope. You're not getting this back."

"You know what Sila. You can have that. I don't want anything that you touched." Rasamee walked away.

Sila grabbed her by the wrist. "So what does this mean?" He points to her wrist. "I guess you must be mines now since I get to keep what I touched." He smirked.

Rasamee tried to free her hand. "How cunning of you. Quite clever but not quite either." She smiled at him. "Haven't I told you already that I'm no longer the sweet innocent person you knew back then?" She clenched her left fist and punched Sila in the face. He silently fell to the ground. "My my.. isn't this a pleasant sight? I guess my training is finally coming to use."

Sila touched his face and gazed at Rasamee with an intent to kill. "YOU DARE MAKE A FOOL OUT OF ME?!" He quickly got up and pushed Mee to the wall. "Let me re-enact a scene I did for a lakorn just recently." An evil smile grew unto his face as he softly whispered in her ears. "A rape scene."


"WHO'S THE ONE WHO STARTED ALL THIS?!" He quickly attacked her neck while pinning her tightly on the wall. "What happened too all that power you had a while ago? Huh? I guess it was just all talk."

"WHY YOU!!" She bit him on the ear and began to mumble. "W-ill y-ou st-op or not?"

"AHHH! DAMN YOU!!!" he quickly set her free. "What kind of woman are you?!"

"A woman you should've never messed with in the first place. I've warned you too many times. And I'll tell you one last thing. Everything between us has long been gone. And this project is the last thing I'll do with you. You got that?!" She stormed off.

"Man what a fiest person she is." A sharp pain grew unto his head. "Damn it.. Why now.." Sila fell hard to the ground.


Nat entered the building with a pair of sunglasses on. All the women stared at him with lust. He walked up to the counter. "Excuse me but can you tell me what floor Rasamee is in?"

"And who are you?"

"I'm a close friend of hers. Well her.. "

"Owww.. Why it's Nat..... I was wondering what the big commotion was... Hurry up and follow me.. I'll take you to Mee." P'Kan pulled Nat away.

"Sorry na.. " he said to the person at the counter.

"Slow down will you P'Kan."

"I can't I feel like running away with you..." Her heart begann beating faster as she begins to blush.

"O-kay??" Nat was really confused.

"Nat .. I.. " She bumped into P'Tao. "Ouch! Watch where you're going!"

"Are you alright?" asked Nat.

"OF COURSE I'M NOT AL---" He was mesmerized by Nat's good looks. "Oh dear.. I'm alright.. You don't have to worry about me. I'm as strong as an ox."

"I think you look like a pig instead." laughed P'Kan. "Come on Nat we have to get going." P'Kan dragged Nat off once again.

"Man.. who was that good-looking man. Even more handsome than that horrible Sila."

.....................To be coninued......................

lalala.. iono where im going with this... hmmmm.... xp... but ENJOY!!!!


Haha, who wouldn't love Nat rite? He seems more likable than Sila already. :p


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why did you stop? this was getting exciting. i want to be a reporter for Dara Gossip too ^^ all the scandals and everything. i bet sila got into an accident, so that's why his head hurts huh??


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Chapter 5

Rasamee saw P'Kan running off with Nat. "What are you two doing?" she laughed.

"Ahh.. Mee." smiled Nat.

Oh what pain.. I have to let go of my imaginary lover already...
"Oh my.. why here you are Mee." giggled P'Kan.

"P'Kan was just taking me to you but.. why are you here instead of the shooting sight?"

"Oh.. I was just taking a breather."

"I see. Well I'll take you out to dinner after this okay?"

"How sweet of you Nat. I'll try to wrap the shoot up as fast as possible."

*click click*

"Hmm.. how interesting." smiled reporter Aiko as she continues taking candids. "What a lovely issue it'll be this month hahaha.."

*tap tap*

"Miss, can I see your pass please?" asked the guard.

"Here it is go away.." She flashes him the pass.

"Ahh yes.. sorry about that."

"Yes yes.. hurry already."

She quickly readies her camera to take more pics but to her surprise, they were already gone. "Awwe darn it! Just where'd they go?"


"Sorry Nat, it seems like it'll take a little longer than expected. Since I'll have to redo my makeup and wardrobe."

"It's fine, take your time."

"Thanks Nat." smiled Mee.

There was a huge commotion. "Have anyone seen Sila?" asked P'Kong the photographer.

"No, not at all."

"My my, so unprofessional of him."

"P'Tao just where is your worker?"

"I don't know.. I'll go look for him." he answered.

Sila then slowly walks into the room. "Sorry everyone, some little problem occur. Now, let's get back to business."

"Hmph.. that's for me to say." P'Kong said in anger.

"I'll treat you to dinner afterward ok?" said Sila.

"Hmm.. that's fine then.. Ok let's hurry and wrap it up."

Sila stared at Nat who was standing next to P'Kan. I suppose he's Nat. Hmm .. Looks so pathetic and weak.


Rasamee walked out of the dressing room. "Sorry everyone, it took a bit longer to change."

"No no.. a pretty woman like you should always have time to look pretty."

Sila stared at Mee. "Let's just hurry this up."

Mee faked a smile. "A pleasure."


"Uh huh.. Closer.. Uh huh.. uhhh..." P'Kong quietly stared at the two. "Is there a problem? You two look so different now compared to earlier. It looks as if you're ready to kill each other."

"Oh no no.. It's nothing at all." they smiled.

"Be professional already!" whispered Mee.

"I should be saying that to you." said Sila in disgust.

"I have an excuse since I'm new."

"Well whatever missy. Fine, I'll do it my way now."

"AND ACTION!" shouted P'Kong.

Sila went straight in for a kiss surprising everyone else.

"Oh my.. THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!! MORE MORE MORE!!! ACTION!!" shouted P'Kong in excitement.

Nat turned away. It is work after all.. sigh..

Mee bit Sila's tongue and freed herself. "Isn't this just a bit too much?"

"Yes Kong, Rasamee is still new. And not many stars do these kind of stuff in these shoots unless they're couples..." said P'Kan.

"Oh my, sorry. I forgot. It's just that it got spicy so I just got a little excited. Sorry about that. That wraps it."

Rasamee quickly got up and went straight to Nat.

"Are you okay?" asked Nat in a worrisome tone. "There's some blood on your lips."

"Ahh.. I'm fine. Don't worry about it. Let's hurry and go to dinner now shall we?"

"Ahh yes. Hurry and go change first, I'll wait downstairs."

"Ok." smiled Mee.

"Oh ho.. well well.. aren't you two lovebirds.." chuckled Sila as he licks his lips. "It's been awhile since our last kiss. Was it exciting? Because I remember our old kisses were so bland.."

"How should I explain it? It was too bloody for my taste. I prefer the bland kinds." Rasamee walked away.


"Yes yes.. "


muahaha... i just realized that i made p'kan a guy and then changed it to a girl.. i think imma stick with p'kan being a girl instead.. lmao.. such a silly error i made lol.. anyways.. i hope you all enjoy this update.. nothing much really.. haha.. Enjoy!!. i lost my storyline once again >_< eek.. but i'll still make peemai fiesty.. ehehee..



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