[ONE 31] My Ambulance :Sunny Suwanmethanont/ Mai Davika

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  1. twister02

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    He was in S3 as one of the new actors. He was part of the Hormones Next Gen reality show but didn't won but still got a part on S3. His character have HIV. I think his most notable character was in Project S as the half brother of the mentally challenged character of Tor.
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  2. SuzieJ

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    Oh okay no wonder I didn’t recognize him. His a cutie though. I can see why they still added him. Thank you :)
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  3. xcinsationalx

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    I miss Mai and Kan. If only he was still getting p'ek roles.
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  4. xodxo

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    Idk... I don’t feel sunny but if it’s Mai working with someone new, I’m happy. Lol :D
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