omg now be aware of your eyes!!


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the boob pic was a fraud. it was photoshopped. but there were rare cases in africa.
as for this, i'm not quite sure if i could believe it.


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I seen all this kind of stuff before we watched a video in chemistry most of the girls where wantin to be sick watchin it lol. I watched it where some woman had a worm thing in her head and they killed it by putting in some vaseline into the hole with it in. One of where a man ate a tape worm thing to test out what they do. Not nice to have one of them inside you coz they eat all ur vitamins and stuff :s and they grow real big. All horrible stuff i guess


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Botflys, not suprising. It happens when a mosquito (sp?) carries that bites you. I remember watching 4-5 people who posted themselves up with botflys in their legs and back on YouTube. lol. It states that you'll get it from countries in South America.


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That just made my eyes water. LOL.


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ahahah..or no wait...
i saw a video about parasites in biology.
its basically a worm that is parasites that entered into your
body by eating something that is not fully cooked.
ex: most are seafoods.
there are others reasons too but i kind of forgot because that was like
two years ago to me...