old tvb wuxia series...?

Discussion in 'Hmong' started by raine123, Apr 25, 2015.

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    hiii, i've been trying to find this movie/series for a loong time. It was when i was very young so i dont remember much. Hopefully someone else does lol.  I believe it was a 3 part movie that was hmong dubbed. 

    Story from what i can remember :'( : 

    The main hero guy was a gambler and a drunk and his father dies. I believe his name was Tsub Yi. He starts becoming a good guy and stops gambling. His girlfriend gets married off to someone else, who i remember was the bad guy. I remember that the girlfriend dies at the end though. Story continues on with another girl who also dies, and he ends up with a third one? 
    From the clothes and stuff im sure it was chinese and a tvb series 
    If anyone has any info i'd be so appreciative :D 
    Sorry dont remember much except i really loved it LOL 
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