Old lakorn with Chakrit


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I found some pictures from his old lakorn that i haven't seen yet...i'm looking for these lakorn. If anyone of you knows the storyline,pleaz give it a little summary. Thankx

Chai Krup, Pom Pen Chai

Chai Nai Fun

credit to Thaisai


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Azlisakhmer said:
K i have seen da second 1 he is supposely not the star but it was good i watch in khmer
do u remember the tilte in khmer? :huh:


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the first one ..i only watch part 1 cause its more like a comedy...although hes cute in it....=)

and i want to see the second one but dont like pim...sooo ...=|


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it was similar storyline as american movie wit Josh Duhamel and the guy from 70 show. Pete was da guy of her dream rich and successful while krit was like her good friend. I forgot title in khmer man when i think of it i let u know sorrie.


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At first, Pin wanted Pete, she fallen for him at first sight, and throughout the lakorn she tries to get with him, and for Chakrit she only thought of him as a friend. But during the end of the lakorn, she understand that she love Chakrit, since he was always there for her from the begining. So she choose Chakrit over Pete.


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omg!! finally!! I have been wondering where ever in the world did this lakorn go and if anyone knew it!! The first lakorn that that was posted, that is. That's the first time ever that I saw Chakrit and back then...omg...I thought he was gay! lmao! Not gay as in homosexual but gay as in you know..gay. hahaahaha. Who would've thought that from that lakorn to now...he'd be one of my hottest top p'eks.

I've been wanting to know for the longest time...whos that chick that plays with him in that first lakorn posted???!!! I dont see her dont think i see her anymore.


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Correction...the title of this lakorn was "Chai Nai Fun" not "Pu-Chai Nai Fun"...... Pete played the lead but at the Pim's heart belonged to Chakrit.