Old Alligator Drama


sarNie Juvenile
So i remember watching an old thai boran drama
about this Alligator dude, who likes a girl and captures
her to become his bride. After a couple of months,
a man in her town destroyed the Alligator dude and
rescues the girl. But the spirit of the Alligator dude
keeps coming back to the girl, making her hurt people...

Then, I forgot the rest of the story. But i really want to watch
this drama again! It's really old, like maybe 7-12 years ago...
I whenever I think of the Alligator guy, i makes me think of Boy Blinya...
But i don't remember any of of the actors, and even if i did,
i won't know them... Any help?

Thanks! (and i know i keep calling him "Alligator dude," which
is kindda weird and cheesy...)


sarNie Oldmaid
It's called Grai Tong....It's actually on Youtube.... You can check out Mia07...? I know it's on Youtube for sure so you can watch it there..The whole episodes are up...


Staff member
omgaahhhh.. i have been searching for this boran lakorn for so long!!!!! i remember seeing as a lil kid.. and i mean lil too.. ahaha..