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  1. jai

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    I just found this song today ..just wanted to share

    **gwah jah chao mai roo mai roo eak nan mai
    Before its morning, we wouldnt know who soon

    jah pan poon kern nee yang nai mai roo leur
    how we'd get through the night still unsure

    oht ton wai dai mai dai mai oh jai eur
    could you hang in, could you my dear heart

    yah hai pleurng eek leur eek leur nam da
    stop shedding anymore tears

    yah bai fao kid teung deh kao koon nan dai reur plao
    stop thinking of that person, is it possible

    sai nam mai hueng tuen klap kern yan mah
    the rivers won't flow back

    -->yah pai pood kam nun eek leur
    dont say those words anymore

    mer kao mai hen kah
    if he doesnt see the value

    dai arai kern mai leaw jai
    nothing comes of it

    ***glub ter nah kow non ter nah man derk laow
    leave now, let's sleep now it's dark now

    job bai leaw mai dong bai jum hai chum jai
    it's over now, no need to remember the pain

    mai me kao eek laew eek laew dai yin mai
    without him anymore, did you hear

    kep nam dah ow wai lang jai dua eng
    keep those tears to cleanse our heart

    -->yah pai pood kam nun eek leur
    dont say those words anymore
    kep way suk dee gwah
    it's better to keep those tears
    dai arai kern mai leaw jai
    nothing comes of it

    sorry if my translation doesnt make sense it's like my first time.. plus feel free to correct.. i couldn't upload the song but if you click the link u should be able to click on the "click to play" and a popup opens and u could click on the play button.. simple enough rite.
  2. misszaky

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    good job. i love the meaning of the song
  3. beamsgirl

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    oh my god thank you so much jai!!! I've been asking everywhere for the lyrics but no one has it!!! thank you so much!!! but...it's kinda confusing...the english lyrics say he...so is it likeshe's singing to her friend or to comfort herself?
  4. Mee_123

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    I like this song. What cd is on? I want to get when I am up in MN for july 4th. Anyone got the cover?

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