Oguri Shun


Mrs. Robert Pattinson


Name: Oguri Shun
Birth place: Tokyo
Date of Born: 26, December, 1982
Blood type: 0
Heigh: 180 cm
Shoe size : 26.0 cm
Hobbies: Music, baseball, skateboard, boxing, soccer, surfing.
Sibblings: Older brother : Oguri Ryo, 28 years old and elder sister.
Extra: -Left handed
-Left highschool before graduating
-His best friend is the also actor, Takashi Tsukamoto.
-He's in a relationship with ex-morning musume Yaguchi Mari (22).

Profile credit to www.ogurishun.tk

Great Teacher Onizuka (1998) Yoshikawa Noboru
Summer Snow (2000) Shinoda Jun
Pure Soul (2001)
Gokusen (2002) Uchiyama Haruhiko
Stand Up!! (2003)
Hana Yori Dango (2005) Hanazawa Rui

I love him in Gokusen!

I'll post more pics of him later! :D


sarNie Adult
i first saw him in Hana Yori Dango. then i watched him in Gokusen and Stand Up! I think he's good looking. he's a very good actor.


Mrs. Robert Pattinson
^ Yea. He is good looking and a good actor! I'm sad that he has a gf already. He should have waited for me! J/k! But best wishes to them!

Here are pictures of Shun:

Picture credit to various blogs, takashioguri.lil.to and Special Kay 4rm soompi.com for uploading. :D


sarNie Elites
awww... my other guy.... he's sooo good looking too... I LOVE HIM SOOO MUCH FROM GOKUSEN... in Hana Yori Dango... he's okay... Gokusen... he was awesome in there... all tough and rude... soooo HOT!!!


sarNie Elites
i like him better in Gokusen too..... his character in Hana Yori Dango just doesn't stand out as much as Uchiyama....with is bleached hair with his cute little braids and hair band.... LOL


sarNie Adult
goodgurl272 said:
he's such a kutie. can sumone post up a pic of his girlfriend and best friend that mention above?
AS REQUESTED! Pictures of Shun's girlfriend, Mari Yuguchi


Best friend, Takashi Tsukamoto. i know they starred along side one another in Stand Up. That was a funny dorama.


Credits to: idolthoughts and soompi!


sarNie Adult
goodgurl272 said:
aww thanks! him and his gf look really kute together. is she also an actress?
mari is a singer she just dropped out of morning musume not long ago. i think she's working on her solo career right now. i'm not sure if she'll act in the future though.


sarNie Hatchling
He looks so hot!!!! Actually i dont think he's handsome like very gd looking guy or sth but he is very attractive. When i first saw him in "Hana Yuri Dongo" i was like "dang!! that man is so cute" now i'm kind of obsess about him >_<. I cant blieve that he smokes T^T. I h8 guy that smoke. Neway he's still very KAWAI!!!! (>< )( ><)(>< )( ><)


Sticky Rice
I first saw him in Auzmi i dunno but part one he didn't interest me until I saw part two and I was like...OMG whos that he's CUTE >__< ahah then I watched HYD and I was like...is that guys from Azumi?? turned out he was i think he's a lot cuter in HYD I think he looks bext in that dorama cus in the other ones his hair are a little...weird :unsure:


sarNie Hatchling
Shun play now in a live action DETECTIVE CONAN ..come soon..so please watch it after ^^

i love Shun in Hana Yori Dango ..sexy Shun-chan!!!!!

and yes he with Mari from Morning Musume ..^^


sarNie Egg
he is os gd looking seen all of his dramas
love him in gokusen nd hana yori dango gd actor nd has
such a dreamy smile!! ^_^ cnt wait
till his new drama detective conan..!! ^_^ :lmao:

damn yamuguchi mari to take him but she is pretty sum
sed she looked lyk ayumi hamasaki a bit..*_*