Off Screen, On My Scrip: Mongkut Dok Yah / Dao Jurat Fah


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This is where I’ll be writing scenarios of things that could of happened or did happen that wasn’t in the script in the drama. I hope you enjoy! -I’ll also info in which episode I’m referring to.

Ep. 5
-Fah opened her eyes looking seeing Naht’s face, no realizing that her arm was around him. A light smile spread around her face. Fah then tried moving her hand, then realizing Naht’s arm was on top of hers on his. Fah quickly tries to remove her arm but Nath grabbed it. “Let go of me.” Fah said trying to loosen her arm from Naht’s grip. “Stop it, you’re interrupting my sleep.” Naht said turning to face Fah. He grabbed on to Fah’s waist pulling her closer to him. “Or did you wake me up to do something else?” Looking at Fah who was struggling to get out of his arms. “Yes, to take me back home.” Fah said putting her arms in between them. Naht tried to make eye contact but Fah just turned her head away. “Well if you want to go home, ask me nicely.” Naht said smiling. Fab turn to look at Naht, “You tried to run me over with your car, hurt my ankle, and Kidnap me, and you want me to ask you nicely to send me back where you found me?” Naht’s smile died down, he took his left hand to wipe the tear that was falling from Fah’s eyes. Staring into Fah’s eyes, Naht felt his love for her grow a little more. Naht feeling bad and can feel his love for her showing, Let go of Fah and got up. Fah was confused about what he just did, but sat up. “I’m going to wash my face. When I come out we’re leaving.” Naht walked out to the back where there were tubes of water and started to wash his face, thinking about Fah. He peeked through the side watching Fah fold the blanket and tightning up where they were sleeping. Naht came out from the side, “Are you ready?!” Fah turned to face him, “uh, can I wash my face?” “Hurry up, I’ll be in the car waiting.” After Naht wall to the car Fah went to the back. ‘If I go to the car, will he really take me home? Maybe this is my only chance to get away. Ugghh, what am I thinking, he has to take you home.” Fah quickly washed her face and went into the car. “Are you ready?” Naht asked looking towards Fah. But she she just sat in silence, Naht grabbed the seatbelt from Fah’s side door, shocking her she stopped his hand with hers. “What are you doing?!” “You need to seatbelt, or you want to fly? And if I was going to do anything to you I would’ve done it earlier,.....unless you want to do it now?....” Naht said with a grin. “Oi” Fah looked at Naht with discuss, and turned to face the front. Naht grabbed the seatbelt and buckled Fah and drove off.

End of first scenario
-I hope you guys liked it. There’s more coming!
-Please do let me know how I can improve or so. Or what you liked or what you think I could do next time. THANK YOU!
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I know I started this 2 years ago lol, but it was based off the characters in the drama "Dao Jurat Fah", Fah and Naht. So I think I'm just going to continue with my other "Off screen, on my script here. Since it is still characters played by Tai and Phai. I'll be doing them from both Mungkut Dok Yah and Dao Jurat Fah (I'll list which one they are). I hope you guys enjoy it with me. Most of Mongkut Dok Yah's is because they fr ended at the wedding, LIKE WE WANT TO SEE DIN AND PAENG KWAN HAVE KIDSSSS, lol and live happily ever after. They made them suffer for the entire drama and all we got was a wedding. lol. But yeah. =) <3


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*Mongkut Dok Yah*

-right after the wedding-
After P'Tannet closed the door to the bedroom, Din walked in front of Paeng Kwan(Paeng for short) and grabbed her hands, with a smile, looking at her. After a few seconds of quietness Paeng giggled, "What is it? Why are you looking at me like that? Is there something on my face?" Paeng took one of her hands to her face. "No", Din reassured her there was nothing on her face, "I'm so happy yet I can't believe that today you are finally mine. That I can take care of you forever. This is truly the happiest day of my life." Paeng looked down shy, then quickly back at Din, "I am happy too, I finally feel happy. That today I am yours, and you are mine. For the pass eight years I was so sad that I would not see you again, but I am so glad to have seen you. And now I can take care of you, better than before." Din stepped closer to Paeng and placed a kiss on her forehead, then moved his head down, letting their eyes meet. Paeng felt her face become instantly hot, she took a step back "Umm, I-I'm, I'm going to take a shower." Paeng quickly turned around but caught back when Din grabbed her waist, pulling her to him. "Hurry, I'll be waiting for my turn in the shower." Din said with a sweet smile, then leaned in to kiss Paeng's right cheek.

After closing the door to the bathroom, Paeng looked into the mirror , letting a big smile across her face, lifting up her round pink cheeks. Touching them, as she felt, they were indeed warm. She began taking out the hairpins and her jewelry on her, following with her outfit. After showering she walked into the closet and looked at the pajamas that were hanging in there. 'Humm, Gingoor said she had bought me some pajamas earlier today and hung them in here.' Paeng started to slide through her shirts coming to a silk purple spaghetti-strapped top. Paeng looked in shock as she picked it from the rack to see that it barely covered her. "Oww..How is this supposed to cover you?.." Paeng picked the next one up to see it was a a longer dress to reach her knees, though yellow spaghetti-strapped, though the top half was basically see through. "Oww...." Paeng looked through the rest to see they were only similar to barely covering anything on her body. Paeng hung them all back up and went to her drawer, taking out a white loose, short sleeved top to wear and a pair of pajama pants.

After dressing Paeng walked out from the closet room to the bedroom and heard the showers turn on. She had realized Din went to take a shower, she walked to the bed in which was covered in flowers and flower petals. Paeng got a basket and slowly put the flowers and the petals in it, trying to not break or rip a petal. After a while Paeng finished and put the baskets to the side of the room, arranging them to fit in the corner. She got up turning and bumped into Din.


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*Mongkut Dok Yah*

Din quickly wrapped his arms around Paeng. "Ow, you're out already?" Paeng said with a sweet smile. Din nodded, moving her side hair behind her ear. "Are you tired?" Din asked looking side to side at Paeng. "Not really, just a little." Paeng said, still give the sweetest smile. Her soft glowing cheeks, as always, made it irresistible for Din to not kiss it. Din slowly placed a kiss on Paeng's cheek, then brought his nose to meet hers. Paeng slowly brought her hands up sliding it up Din's arms that were wrapped around her waist. Feeling him so close to her, Paeng didn't feel shy anymore but comfort in his warm embrace. Paeng lifted her head up letting her lips touch his, shocking Din a little that she did. I wasn't usually her who'd make the first move.

Din pulled Paeng closer to him, and continued to kiss her. After a few moments Din bend down and carried Paeng to the bed that wasn't far and placed Paeng down slowly. Falling onto the bed after her, Din moved her side bang that has once again gotten in her face, to the side. "Paeng kwan, love you so much, do you know that. I love you more than I've ever loved anyone and anything. I don't know what i would do without you." Paeng grabbed Din's hand from the side of her face to her chest, looking deeply into both of his eyes, "I love you too Din, I love you so much", and as Paeng always says, "With all my heart/all my breath". Din smiled brightly. He slowly leaned in to kiss Paeng's lips. -After deeply kissing Paeng, Din moved down under her ear, to her neck. Slowly and lightly kissing her as she wrapped her arms around him. (You can image the rest, I would've written it but P'Tai and P'Phai are so innocent I can't lol. If I can I will try to write one in a few days.Thank you)

-the next morning-
The cool morning breeze flew in through the window, moving Paeng's hair on her bare shoulders. Din opened his eyes, to see Paeng, beautiful, glowing, and adorable laying in front of him. He moved closer to her, looking at her sleep peacefully, he brought his hand up and softly brushed her cheek. After a moment Paeng opened her eyes, seeing her love in front of her, she smiled. Din wrapped his arms around her and brought her closer to him. "Good morning my love." Din said following with placing a kiss on her forehead. In between them, Paeng grabbed the blanket and pulled it up covering her chest up to her neck. "Good morning..." Paeng replied looking down blushing. Din looked at her and giggled, "Ow, why are you being shy for?" Paeng replied in a lower voice, "It's morning, I should get ready for the day." Paeng tried to pull herself away from Din but Din tightened his grip, "Ow, It's the morning after our wedding. It's understandable if we are tired. Come here." Din got up and placed his head on her stomach on top of the blanket. "Ow" Paeng said startled at his quick movement. "I wonder if we have a baby yet? I hear anything?" Din said playfully. Paeng got up to look at Din, holding the blanket to cover her upper half. Moving his head to her lap. Din grabbed one of Paeng's hand, placing it on his chest and continued, "Grandma and Grandpa is waiting for a grandchild to hold and play with. Mommy is waiting for a baby to kiss and daddy is waiting for a baby to sing to." Paeng smiled to Din as he quickly kissed her hand. Din slowly dropped his smile into a more concerned and thinking face. "What is it?" Paeng asked a little concered. Din quickly turned to Paeng, "What if we didn't succeed last night? Just to make sure, we should again." Paeng took her hand from Din and slapped his hand, "I thought it was something serious, oi. I was worried." Paeng looked away. "Ohhh," Din got up from her lap and leaned onto her as he wrapped his arms around her. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to worry you. I won't do it again, I promise. Can you please not be mad?" Paeng quickly smiled, "I'm not mad, just don't make me worry again." Din smiled, "Okay, I promise I will not make Paeng Kwan worry again.....but I was serious on the second part." Paeng turned her head to Din, "What second part?" Din smiled and leaned on Paeng making her fall back. "My second part on trying a again." Paeng's face got warm and she tried to push Din away. "uhh, It's morning already Din, the sun is out. It will be embarrassing." Din smiled, "Okay then", Din placed his head on her chest to hear her heart beat, "then just let me lay here for a little longer." Din closed his eyes. Paeng looked down at him and smiled, it still seems like a dream to her.
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Mongkut Dok Yah: Preaw's Birthday

"Preaw!" Payu said from across the parking lot. "Ow", Preaw said shocked when seeing him, "What are you doing here? Don't you have work?" Preaw made her way to Payu. "What kind of boyfriend am I letting my girlfriend take the bus on her birthday weekend?" Payu sweetly smiled to Praew. Preaw slightly blushed and walked pass Payu to his motorcycle. "Then lets get going, I have to pack." Payu turned around and got on, "Krup, lets get going." Preaw put her arms around Payu after they took off. "Thank you for picking me up." Preaw said, as Payu felt her smile form on the back of his shoulder. "Anything for you." Payu smiled, happy as ever.

Preaw opened the door to her room and walked in. She quickly stopped making Payu bumping into her, "Ow, what's wrong?" Payu said taking a step back. Preaw turned around to face Payu, "You should probably wait out here, I don't want others to see and have the wrong idea that I'm bringing a man into my room when getting back." Payu giggled, "Ow, Why would they think that? They all know you wouldn't let me touch you if life depended on it." Preaw thought, "Fine just leave the door open, and sit on that bed." Payu nodded, "Krup" and made his way to the first bed to sit. Preaw went and started packing, "Oh, I'm going back this weekend, my parents, P"Paeng Kwan, and P"Din are throwing me a little party.....and I'm inviting some people......will you be free to come?..." Payu looked around thinking, "Um......." Preaw zipped her bag, "It's okay if you can't come I-" Payu cutoff Preaw, "Of course I can come. I'm just messing with you, I am free. I can't wait to see your parents and and P'Paeng Kwan and P'Din." Preaw smiled happily, "Thank you, I'm glad." Preaw sat next to Payu and leaned her head on his shoulder.

Later that night....
"Of course P'Paeng, I already asked everyone. Payu said he can come but his mom will be busy working. P'Gingoor and Monchai will come. As Cherry will too. But Takkatan already had plans with a date, so she won't be able to make it.......Yes, we will all come tomorrow early in the morning. Okay....Good night and sweet dreams too."
(Honestly I think there is a flaw in my plan, I think it takes a whole day from bangkok to Paeng's house, lol...but lets just pretend...idk lol)


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Mongkut Dok Yah: Preaw's Birthday con't

*Saturday Afternoon*
"Are you almost done preparing the vegetables?" Paeng's mom asked as she came into the kitchen. "Yes I already finished them, I'm shorting the meat. Don't worry mom, I got everything." Paeng said throwing out the containers. Paeng's mom looked around, "And...where's Din? Was he not here earlier?" Paeng poured a glass of water for her mom, "He was but he went to buy some more drinks." Paeng said as she handed the cup to her mom smiling. "Ow, why is he doing so much. We have enough already." Paeng giggled, "He wants everything to be nice and extra....he wants to help appreciate Preaw on her birthday. But it's good, I know he will always help me support Preaw." Paeng smiled, looking into the distance. Paeng's mom smiled and placed her hand on Paeng's, "I'm glad you have someone to love your family like you." Paeng looked back at her mom smiling, "I'm glad too."
"Paeng, Mom, Dad?" Preaw said from the front of the house. "Ow, Preaw's home." Paeng said then helped her mom up. "Mom! P'Paeng!" Preaw said then ran and got her hugs from them. "I miss you guys so much. I couldn't wait to get home." Their mom patted Preaw on her head, "I was waiting for you to get home too. How was your trip?" "It was good." Preaw said still hugging Paeng. "That's good", Paeng sat still hugging Preaw, "Happy Birthday Preaw." Preaw let go of Paeng's waist, "Thank you P"Paeng" Paeng smiled back to Preaw. "Ow, Swadee Krup Aunty." They all started greeting Preaw and Paeng's mom and Paeng. Just then Din drove up, the boys helped Din unpack and they all went inside.
After settling everything they all went to sit in the living room. Paeng went to sit next to Gingoor. "Ou, let me see your baby." Paeng said excitingly to Gingoor. "Ja", Gingoor placed her baby into Paeng's arms, "Here, Aunty Paeng baby." Paeng smiled slowly rocking the baby back and forth, "You are such a stinky baby." Paeng said happily smiling to the baby. Gingoor leaned into Paeng, "And...are we going to get a niece or nephew soon too?" Paeng looked up to Gingoor shy, "Um.." Gingoor giggled, "My baby will want a cousin to play with when it gets older." Paeng smiled with her fluffy rose cheeks, "We'll have to see." She looked back to the baby.

*Later that evening*
" Here Preaw, spicy papaya salad with fermented fish sauce." Paeng said handing Preaw a plate with her favorite. "Aw, thank you P', SAP." Preaw giggled. They all continued eating in the backyard. "Omm, the papaya salad is so delicious." Paeng said to Din. Din smiled, "Because you made it. Everything you make is delicious." Paeng smiled brightly, "I guess.", hehe. Din grabbed a piece of sticky rice and fed it to Paeng with some spicy papaya salad on it. "Thank you." Paeng replied. After they finished eating and singing happy birthday to Preaw they started cleaning up. Gingoor gave the baby to Monchai, "Here take the baby and put it to sleep." Monchai took the baby from Gingoor's arm, "Okiii, let's go to sleep baby. Are you sleepy?" Gingoor smiled, "I'm going to help Preaw and them finish up cleaning then we'll come in." Monchai nodded, "Okay."
"Gingoor we're almost finished, you can go in." Paeng said drying the dishes. Gingoor made her way to her, "It's okay, I need to some girl time." They giggled. Din came in next to Paeng, "What's there left to do?" "Ummm", Paeng looked around, "Nothing, we're just finishing up drying these dishes. Can you make sure all the rooms are prepared." "Of course." Din said then quickly kissed Paeng's cheek. Paeng quickly turned to Din, "Din!", she then looked to see where Gingoor was, she was still standing next to Preaw at the sink. "Ow, don't do that. If someone see it's embarrassing. Go do what I told you to." Din giggled, "Okay." Then quickly kissed her cheek again, then quickly left. "Ow...this boi doesn't understand" Paeng thought holding her left cheek. "Is there something wrong P"Paeng?" Gingoor said to Paeng. "Oh, no nothing." Gingoor looked closer at Paeng, 'Are you sure?" she giggled. "I'm sure, Is this the last of the dishes?" Preaw walked over with the bowls, "Yes they are." The girls finished up then went inside.

Preaw and Din walked into their room after saying their good nights to everyone. Paeng went towards the desk and took off her earrings. Just then she felt Din's arms wrap around her waist. Placing her arms on his around her, she looked into the mirror to see Din smiling at her. "Are you tired?" He asked leaning his head on her shoulder. "Just a little....I feel really full. Maybe I ate too much." They both laughed. "My stomach feels like its turning. Let me use the bathroom." Paeng said pushing Din's arms from her waist. "Okay, hurry." Din said turning towards the direction of Paeng as she went into the bathroom.
Paeng walked out after showering. "Do you feel better?" Din asked putting his book down. "Ummm not really, turns out it's not because there was too much food in me....but my stomach feels funny....maybe I did eat too much papaya salad. It was just really good." Paeng laughed. Din patted the bed, "Come here, lay down to see if it'll feel better." Paeng went and sat in her spot. Din immediately turned and laid his head on Paeng's lap and grabbed her hand. "Ow." Paeng said as she hasn't even comfortably positioned herself yet. Din kissed her hand, "I feel like I haven't looked at you all day. We were so busy. I miss seeing your face." Paeng smiled and giggled, "What the heck, I see you everyday. Today we just have our friends over." Din placed Paeng's hand on his chest, "I know, but I can look at you everyday and all day." Paeng looked up and smiled. "Don't, you might see me slowly turn old." Paeng laughed. Din sat up next to Paeng, "It dosn't matter, as long as you're next to me, we'll grow old together." Paeng turned her face away, "What if I don't want to get old with you." Din grabbed Paeng's arms, turning her to him, and leaned all his weight onto her making her fall back. "Oi! Din-" Paeng said not trying to be loud. "Too bad you're married to me. And I'm not letting you from me. I went seven whole years without seeing you, you're not going anywhere" Din said then quickly kissed the button of her nose. Paeng lightly slapped Din's arm on top of hers. "Oi.....turn the lights off. Let's go to sleep, it's late."
"Yes mama." Din said then turned to turn off the lights. He turned back and Paeng already positioned her self facing him. "Ummm." Din said looking at Paeng. "What's wrong?" Paeng said realizing Din was still sitting up. Din reached out and grabbed Paeng's hand, "Let's sleep like this tonight." He said pulling Paeng towards him then turned her around and spooned her. "Why?" Paeng said as she wasn't expecting it. "Because I want to smell your scent while I'm sleeping." Din said inhaling the flower smell of her hair falling behind her neck. "Ow, why are you being so weird." Paeng asked giggling. Din moved hi hand to hold hers, "Because I want to be near you...let's sleep. I'm sleepy." Paeng let out a breath and smiled, "Okay, sweet dreams my love."


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Mongkut Dok Yah: *click baits be like*: OMG!! PAENG'S PREGNANT?!! *and then a blurred out preg test stick lmao* ANYWAYS

~next morning of Preaw's birthday~

Paeng fixed the bed as Din came out of the closet. "Here let me help you." Din walked over and took the blanket from Paeng. "Thank you." Paeng walked over to her desk to but on a pair of earrings. After Din walked up to Paeng, to give her his usual morning kiss on her forehead but Paeng grabbed the desk and leaned onto it. "What's wrong?" Din asked holding Paeng's arm and waist. "I don't feel so good." Paeng feel on the floor and died.......... lnksf djfp jjfs kijisdn JK, lol I'm sorry that really just popped up in my head when wrting....what if she just died *cries* ANYWAYS
Paeng covered her mouth and ran into the bathroom, she began throwing up. Din came and patted her back, "It's okay, you're going to be okay." Paeng hated throwing up as Din knew, he tried to comfort her. After Paeng rinsed her mouth. "Are you okay?" Din asked putting aside the strands of hair in her face. "Yeah, I feel better now. I don't know why I just felt so sick all of a sudden." Din hugged Paeng and patted her head. "It's okay. You're okay now."

Preaw chopped up the bamboo as Paeng boiled the noddles. Gingoor carrying her baby as the boys were setting up the condiments. Preaw's mom into the kitchen with their dad. "Hum, smells so good." Preaw's dad said as they walked to the table. Paeng walked over to the boiling pot of broth as it was beginning to smell a lot. Paeng stirred the broth when she instantly felt sick again, she let go of the big spoon, hitting the side of the pot. Paeng covered her mouth and everyone looked shocked by the sound. Paeng took a step back and ran out the kitchen to the backyard. Din quickly ran after her to find Paeng throwing up again. He held her shoulders and patted her back, "Ow, how come you're not feeling well today." Preaw and Payu came running after, "P'Paeng! Are you okay? What's wrong?" Preaw came from behind Din. Paeng stood up, "I don't know, I'm not feeling well. I don't know if it's my stomach or what.....I need to rinse my mouth." "Ka." Preaw said and ran to get water from the water holder around the corner. Paeng wiped off the sweat from her head, "Why is it so hot today." Paaeng looked up at the sun shining directly down at them, "What did you say?" Din asked when he felt Paeng lean all her weight on him. "Paeng?-Paeng!" Din caught Paeng before she fell. Preaw came back from getting water, "P'Paeng!" Din picked up Paeng, "She hasn't been feeling good all morning, we should take her to the hospital." "Okay, I'll go get the keys." Paeng said and ran into the house from the front. Payu went back into the kitchen. "We're going to take P'Paeng to the hospital, she's not feeling well." "Ow, is she okay right now?"Gingoor asked. "Umm, I don't not the exact answer at the moment but we'll keep you guys updated in the group chat."

Din, Preaw, and Payu sat in the waiting room. "I don't understand....P'Paeng has always been healthy..." Preaw said thinking back and forth. "It's okay Preaw, P'Paeng is going to be okay." Payu said trying to calm Preaw. Preaw turned to Din, "P'Din, has P'Paeng been sick?" Din shook his head, "No, she's been fine until this morning. She threw up before we came out of our room." Preaw thought, "This morning?......Ummm" "What's wrong N'Preaw?" Din asked as Preaw looked at the ground, "Well, when P"Lee was studying, she had a unit where she studied the symptoms of a pregnant women and-" "Where are the relatives of Pang Kwan....(IDK their last names, lol)?" The doctor came out of the room. "Here" Din and Preaw said. "How's my wife doctor?" Din said. "There's no need to worry, she's doing fine now. You can follow me." Din followed the doctor into the room where Paeng was finishing up having fluids put in her arm. "Paeng." Din said making Paeng turn around. "Are you feeling better?" "Yes, just a little tired." Paeng said as Din patted her head. "What was wrong doctor?" Din asked. The doctor smiled brightly to them, "Well it seemed she was dehydrated but, Paeng kwan you have symptoms of a person who's conceived a child. Before taking a blood test we wanted to know if it seemed in the range of the last time you had your period or the last time you 'slept' together?" "My period is irregular sometimes, so the last time I had it was three months ago." Paeng replied. "And the last time you 'slept'?" the doctor asked them both. "uhm" Paeng looked at Din shy. "Um, two days ago..." Din replied. "oh well, we wouldn't be able to tell so soon, but have you guys 'slept' in the pass three months?" the doctor said looking through the papers again. "At least three times a week." Din replied. Paeng felt the warmth of embarrassment fall down her face. The doctor laughed, "Okay, well then we'll just proceed with the blood test then."


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Mongkut Dok Yah: P'Oat should let me write a second part to mongkut dok yah already lol

Din parked the car and they all got out. Din quickly ran to Paeng's door to help her out. He wrapped his arm around her and held her other hand. "I can walk on my own Din." Paeng said making Payu and Preaw giggle.
"Ow, how are you child?" Paeng's dad ask her. "Aare you okay?" their mom added after. Monchai, Gingoor and Cherry joined them in the living room. "Well, um I wasn't feeling well this morning either. Turns out...." Paeng said then looked at Din smiling, "I'm pregnant." "Ahhhh" "Oh my goodness." "Ahhhh" they all said. "I'm really happy for you child." Their dad said. Everyone else also congratulated them.

As the car drove off, to the city Din grabbed Paeng's hand next to his. Paeng turned to look at Din next to her smiling. "Do you feel tired?" Din asked. "Not really. Just not as strong as the moment." Let's go." Din took Paeng by the hand and walked to the side of the house under the trees. They sat on the big bamboo table/chair. Din layed in Paeng's legs and grabbed her hand, he placed a kiss on it. "Paeng do you know I'm so happy to know we're having a baby. Wheather it is a girl or a boy, I will be happy." Paeng smiled back, "I am happy too." They sat as the breeze lightly blew, moving Paeng's strands of hair from her face, the tree leaves softly swinging, Din felt something land on his cheek. He opened his eyes to see another tear drop from Paeng's eye, "What's wrong?" Din asked quickly sitting up and wiped the tear. "I..I'm just so happy to be next to you Din. Everyday I wake up, before I open my eyes, I pray that yesterday wasn't a dream. That today when I open my eyes, you are really next to me." Paeng said as another tear slowly came down to her cheek. Din quickly wiped it, "Don't cry, I said I wouldn't let your tears drop remember. I'm glad to have you next to me too." Paeng smiled and wiped her face, "I don't know why I'm crying.", She laughed, "Okay, I won't cry." Din smiled, "Good." Din wrapped his arms around Paeng and leaned her in. They sat enjoying the breeze, under the shade, and looked out to the rice field.


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Mongkut Dok Yah: Din meeting Sirin?

-Sirin honestly wasn't a bad character in the beginning but she was irritating because she was so insecure and couldn't trust her man around other women. She then became a bihh when started talking down on Paeng Kwan and doing mean things. THEN this BIHH lost all my respect when she told Paeng, "I love him (Din), but I love my self much more." AND THEN when she hooked up with Purit WHEN SHE KNEW HE HAD A GIRLFRIEND.......but I think that was just her rebound, even if Purit left his girlfriend she wouldn't settle for him cuz she invested so much into Din to make him her perfect partner.
Also the way I screamed when Paeng told Sirin, "Even if there were 20 women like me, IF he truly loved you, he wouldn't look my way." Lmaooo, CUZ Paeng Kwan damn well know that if Din loved Sirin he wouldn't still be talking to her (paeng) lol. Cuz she know Din's love is real from when they was together 7 years ago. LMAOOO
Anyhow, lets get started on Sirin and Din meeting.


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Mongkut Dok Yah: Din meeting Sirin

Sirin's POV:

I walked into work today when I saw him again. The same guy who's been dropping off the packages for the pass four months. He isn't even that cute, I've dated better when I was still studying,...but this one, he seems......innocent.
*Din walked away and back into the truck with Tannet*
Hummm, usually he'll be back by lunch......
"P'Nam, can I get a cup of coffee?...Thank you, just tell Som to bring it into my office when it's ready." Sirin told the cashier before she paid for her drink. Sirin turned and walked away as she was trying to put her wallet into her purse when she bumped into someone making her drop her wallet. "OW!" Sirin said when the voice coming from the other person said, "Oh, I'm so sorry." Sirin bent down to pick it up but the hand of the other person grabbed her wallet before she did. Sirin stood back up to see Din holding her wallet out. "Thank you." She grabbed her wallet from Din. "Are you okay?" Din asked. Sirin nodded, "Yes I'm fine, thank you." Din smiled back at Sirin. "Din!" Tannet called for Din, making him look back. "Well, ummm. Sorry for bumping into you. See you around." Din said then left. He was indeed different from the men she's dated before, he was kind, polite, and soft spoken. Not rude, needy, and perverted. like the men who usually talked to her. This one made her heart flutter.

"Do you know who was that?" Tannet asked Din as he came and sat down to eat. "Some girl who works here. I bumped into her on accident." Din said picking up his spoon. "NO- She's Sirin, the daughter of the companies we keep sending the things to." Tannet said at a disbelief Din didn't know. "I don't know, I just know she works here." Din continued eating. "Ne-ne, do you like her?" Tannet asked Din with a raised eyebrow. "Are you crazy P'Tannet. I don't even know her like that." Din replied quickly. "Nawwww, I saw the way she looked at you. Usually if she doesn't like someone she'll give them death stares...actually she won't even look at you at all. Anyways, I don't think you're her type. Women like her like rich...strong....and successful men. We brother, are nothing near that." Tannet said as Din continued to eat. He took a sip of his water, "It doesn't matter P"Tannet, I don't like her......All women want are money, I don't have that anyways." Tannet agreed as Din took another sip of his water, reminded at the fact Paeng was getting married the day we went back home to propose to her.

The next day Sirin choose an outfit that was more casual "Men like more...covered up women...right?" Sirin thought back a forth..."Umm this would do." She walked into work wearing a dark red blouse and black work pants with a pair of tow inched heels. And as every morning she looked to see Din loading up the trucks from her window. Som walked in, "Maaee, what are you looking at?" she walked over to see Din loading the truck. "Him?! The guy you bumped into yesterday?" Sirin quickly looked away, "Ne Som, He bumped into me, I didn't bump into him. he should've watched where he was going." Som smiled, " you like him?" Sirin looked at Som with a serious face making Som stop smiling. Sirin looked down to her desk, "And what if I did?..." Som laughted, "YOU"RE not his type." Sirin looked up at Som seriously again. Som stopped and cleared her throat, "What I mean is, you're up such high status and very pretty and have a nice body, maybe too sexy for him." Sirin thought, "Is that not what all men want? A smart, rich, and sexy girlfriend?" "It is, but you're going to have to really get him to like you if you want him....wait do you know if he already has a girlfriend?" Som asked Sirin. Sirin looked strongly at Din down the window, "It doesn't matter, I want him. It's just a girlfriend I might have to worry about right? It's not like he's married."


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Mongkut Dok Yah: Din meeting Sirin Con't

Sirin went and ordered her coffee as usual but instead of going straight back to her office she waited at a table. Not just waiting for her coffee of course, but she kept a look out to see if she would see Din again. After getting her coffee she headed back to her seat but she spotted him sitting in the back drinking iced tea, Din. Din was reading the news paper when he noticed a pair of heels appear next to the edge of his table. he looked up to see it was the women he had bumped into yesterday. Din smiled lightly, "Hi" Sirin smiled back brightly, "Hi. uh, may I join you?" "Sure." Din said scooting his iced tea from the middle of the table. Sirin sat down directly in front of Din. "I just wanted to apologize for bumping into you yesterday and thank you for picking up my wallet. You left so quick I didn't get to thank you." Din placed the newspaper down, "It's fine, It was also my fault for not looking where I was going." Din said nicely. Sirin gave a sweet smile, "I'm sorry what is your name?" "Din,my name is Din." Din answered. "Din, it's nice to meet you. I am Sirin. I've seen you work here, I just haven't gotten the chance to introduce myself." Sirin added after. "It's nice to meet you too Sirin, I-" Din said but got cut off by Tannet. "Hey Din-" Tannet stopped as he saw Sirin sitting across from Din. "Oh, P'Tannet you finally came back." Din said when he saw Tannet. "I, um" Tannet stuttered to say, "Sorry am I interrupting something?" "No, sit." Din said pulling the chair from the side. "Sirin this is my friend Tannet" Din said to Sirin. "Hello, I am Sirin." Sirin greeted Tannet. "Well I have to get going. Hopefully you and I can chat again tomorrow." She said looking at Din. "Okay, see you." DIn replied as Sirin got up and walked away. After she was out of distance Tannet quickly turned to Din, "What was that?!!" Din looked up from drinking his iced tea, "What was what?" Tannet put his hand to his head,"Sirin, I can see it. She clearly has a crush on you. She even said 'Hopefully you and I can chat again tomorrow'." Din lauged and let out a sigh, "P'Tannet I think you're thinking too much. She just came to apologize for bumping into her and thanked me for picking up her wallet." Tanned lightly slapped the table, "That's it! If she didn't like you, she would've never came back to apologize.......she definitely likes you dude." Din shook his head looking down, "I'm telling you, she was just being nice."..........

* okiii I think that's all about how Sirin and Din meet, I don't think I'll go on how they started dating. cuz as P"Tannet said in Episode 3: "Did you guys start dating cuz you loved/liked each other, or because you were both lonely?" And I Ooop~ but yeah.