Noon on IMAGE:Long Hair Real Me


sarNie Hatchling
wow she is so pretty. my hair is long but not pitch black like her's. my i highlighted it. i should go back and color it black to keep the asian in me. haha! just kidding.


sarNie Elites
wow! she's so beautiful like always! especially her smile just is extraordinary! :wub:

aww i have a long hair than hers. i should leave my black hair alone but i dyed it red/auburn. :p

oh that short hair reminds me from ruk tem roy. :D but in that lakorn, it looked messy cut. :lol:

one of you said why she has a short hair? because it said "long hair, real me" which means noon represents long hair no matter what because that's who she is. she loves it long even some lakorns asked her to cut the hair but she asked for trim...LOL. i did that, too. hehe.

by the way, mint27- thanks for sharing!