Nodame Cantabile (drama 2006)


Sticky Rice
^ He IS cute lol

But I just finished this yesterday lol
It IS good it's not funny it's HILARIOUS.
I don't think I've watched a drama/dorama that made me laugh as much as this one.
The story is very different from everything else I've seen and I would recommend it.


sarNie Egg
I watched this dorama and I love it!

I always love to watch any musical movie or TV series but Nodame Cantabile is probably the best one. the orchestra, the fingers when they play violin or piano, they really caught my eyes. But that wasn't the only thing that made this series gorgeous, I like when this dorama ridiculously visualized the jokes, very silly!

I suggest you to watch this series. It's very worth watching ;)


sarNie Hatchling
I love this series and the Europe addition, it really makes one appreciate classical music more.


sarNie Adult
Both movies are out! But the second one hasn't been subbed yet. I fell in love with classical music by watching this dorama!

I hope Tamaki and Ueno will make another dorama in the future.


Staff member
i just absolutely love nodame cantabile!!! hehe.. it has everything! lol... it's especially hilarious hehe..

im still waiting to watch the 2nd movie with subs... eek..

eiji wentz is just so cute!!

and yup.. i hope they make another drama together.. ^________^


sarNie Adult
super duper love nodame-chan,shinichi senpai and the band gang.they were all love how this series did not focus much on the romance but more to the passion on music and friendship and thats make this series have huge success.i just wish for lakorn to be like this too.
because of this series i start to love ueno juri and because of that i start to search and watch almost her dorama except the fantasy one like the movie she casted with matsu jun.