Nimit Marn(Tv Scene)


sarNie Juvenile
It seems as if ploy really like playing horror genres.
She's played in alot of horror movies.
Anyways the two look very hot.
I kind of have a feeling they look related though >.<
Anyways. When is it going to air?

lakorn watcher

sarNie Adult
Ploy looks pretty but I don't like Mart. It's not that he's not cute. His face is actually cute but I hate his eyebrows. It looks so out of place. It's weird, I don't know how to explain it.


sarNie Elites
I think Ploy probably signed a contract to be n'ek with channel 3 now. She seems to be acting for channel 3 now and all n'ek roles too. She is very pretty and sexy. She's better than some other n'eks.


SarNie Adult
though i do agreed that ploy is pretty and stuff but to me she is not n'ek materials(if you know what i mean by this)..she match more of n'rai role than n'ek...and though i love mart i might skip this one becaue i don't like this kind of lakorn..


sarNie Coma
the preview/behind scene clip. hey, it looks pretty good. a different type of horror drama that i havent seen. its 2 gen. lakorn and mart's a ghost. they made him look like the hunch back of notre dom. however you spell that
credit to anonymous @ AFC


sarNie Coma
behind scene pix. too bad its not airing in the next batch. i was excited to see it.

omg, you see the girl in the first pic?..thats creepy :eek:

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sarNie Fansubber
I finished reading the novel already.
The story is very interesting and exciting.

Actually, Mart is not pra'ek. His role is more like a villain in this lakorn.
The couple is Ploy and Aun Witaya.


sarNie Coma
really?..hrmm that should be interesting. i kind figure mart isnt the pra'ek cuz isnt he gonna be killing people.