Nimit Marn(Tv Scene)


sarNie Coma
ploy is actually the n'ek not noon. by the way, Sam C. is also in here and hes pairing w/Ginnie

Opening Ceremony
credit to anonymous @ annes forum


sarNie Coma
marts gonna be a mean ghost. something about him not being love since he was a child so he wants to get back the people. theres more to it but they didnt really say much


omg when u guys said Sam C... u guys meant Sam Chotibun righty??? ahhhhhhhhhhh my cuties gunna be on screen again... yay!!! i'mma watch it cause of


sarNie Hatchling
im so glad to be seeing more of ploy :D
it seems like since her break in Ammarutalai she's been playing
more leading roles, which is nice cuz she's got the looks
and she's talented.
i would luv to see her star with Tik, that would be one hot couple :wub: