New Year booths


sarNie Egg
Hey everyone, I'm just wondering what you all think of the merchandise booths at the new years. For a town that is not so popular, what do you guys suggest booths sell to make good profit? What do you guys want to see sold at the new years and what do you guys enjoy buying there? Im debating on whether or not to hold a merchandise booth just because our town is lacking in number every year and it'd be nice to do something new for the new year. What do you guys suggest? Please help me!!


sarNie Juvenile
I go to the New Year to buy Hmong music CDs, but I don't know if music booths will make much money considering you have to pay a lot for the booth, and the competion from other vendors. I think those selling food make the most money since almost everyone who goes there will buy food and not everyone will buy entertainment stuff. Why not try something new that no one is selling? Too many Hmong people selling the same stuff. If you are going to sell CDs, sell those that no one is selling to avoid competion.

I rather invest than sell stuff. I don't understand why people spend at least $500 to rent a small place to sell cloths where no once really cares about those clothes. If you even have $500 to go into waste to pay those monthly rents, you can invest in the markets. Invest that money, eventually, you could be a millionaire when you retire. I haven't gotten into investment yet but have been studying. Warren Buffet became a billionaire by doing investing.