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Discussion in 'Japanese' started by pink mafia, Dec 11, 2006.

  1. pink mafia

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    namie amuro will be releasing a new single entitled "baby don't cry" which will also be the theme to a jdrama...not sure what the drama is...but the single will be released in 2 and cd+dvd..."baby don't cry" is decribed as a mid tempo pop i'm expecting something like "girl talk"..also the single is produced by nao'ymt..who also produced "white light," "violet sauce," "no," among many other tracks on her "queen of hip pop album."...the single will be release january 24, 2007..i will post further news and covers when they are released!

    credit: nate and for info!
  2. .diane.

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    dude yeah preorder is sooo nice but yet so scary right now i'm cheapo and to get side a and side b is about $30+ i'll have to wait and see if i can preorder lol i'm so excited and anxious - they haven't previewed it yet which means no leaks lol
  3. pink mafia

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    finally!!!..covers are out!!!

    cd cover

    cd+dvd cover

    also..there's a radio rip of the song's very...uplifting..haha..i think it'll do's very pop
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    she's so damn pretty.....can't believe her and i are the same age and in heighth too...scary...but yet so cool! thanks for sharing this pinky!

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