New Hmong Movie: 5 Lab Dollars


sarNie Juvenile
Have any else seen this movie? I thought it was really funny and well done compare to past action movies. The story of the movie is about a bunch of people: a monk, a thai boxer, a ninja, ex-CIA soldier (Nom Paj), an Indian guy, a swordsman, trying to catch Bin Ladin. The reward is $5 million dollars. I thought it was good.


sarNie Oldmaid
Nom Paj is gettin' on my nerves these days.. he's in too many movies.. he's boring now.


sarNie Hatchling
It's okay. Not too bad compare to other action movies but just not really my type. One thing about the movie that I thought was disappointing was how come the suppose Phaj Eb (Txhaj Hawj) the guy with the glasses didn't do any of the action stuff. I would of love to see him in action in the movie but his roles was slow.


We bought this movie, and I thought it was a waste of money. In simple terms, IT WAS THE DUMBEST MOVIE I'VE SEEN.


sarNie Adult
i saw it, and i got to say it's ok. really like the action and the fighting. it was good compare to other ones. Lol...but then there's not really much between the main girl and the main guy though. Lol


sarNie Juvenile
the beginning look very interesting..then it got boring. i watched to clip 5 and stopped.


sarNie Juvenile
ahaha...i think it's so sweet @ the end...
...awww...but just go watch it on youtube.. get all the episodes in there... LOL


sarNie Adult
this movie has its good and boring parts- if you don't watch it all you'll miss the good parts, but at the same time have to deal with the boring parts.. khekhekhe


sarNie Egg
i give lots credit to producer but one thing the movie didn't turn out as good as he spend on the chick in thailand. He broke can't come home...the wife
didn't give a shit to sent him any he has to ask my father for money. Next time please don't invest a lots money on hmong movie...because
our market not hollywood. $40 to $50 gram that's lots money for hmong money. Moua Lee is a pro...he not even invest over $15 gram per movie. I don't know why my brother so stupid...he invest a lots money for it. May be he try to kill other production that the only thing i have in my mind.