New and Jui have broken up


sarNie Granny
Noooo!!!!!!!! They were such a cute couple!! I'm so sad :( WHY?! :cry1: :weep:

I hope they still remain good friends and I wish them both the best in whatever they do~


sarNie Adult
What.. what's the reason... just don't love each other anymore..or what... I thought they were so cute... I like both new and jui...What's up with all these news.. it's either the stars are getting married..which is sad because i like or the couple that i thought are cute are breaking up..sad..


sarNie Hatchling
Why ? When ? How ? What ??

I heard they want to be married by the end of the year not that they have broken up ! :eek: ......

Anyway, Om A. is cuter than New W. =P


sarNie Tombstone
Yeah reading the article there isn't any other reason beside third hand and cheating on your lover with some other girls. :girlmad:


Staff member
From an article thip translated, Porsche was mentioned in the news for being the third hand.. I doubt it's him though because when reporters were asking about baifern.. He just kept saying she's a lovable person ahaha XD and he likes girls his age.. And he only talks to jui about acting tips and such..

There was this one part that got me laughing for some reason though hehe.. When he said some daras? Or workers said "Vier plus Vee equals Porsche.". He said everyone was laughing though he didnt understand what that meant.. Hehe.. Iono y but I'm just cracking up so bad XD


I'm usually not into celebrity news, but I think I would be sad if Cee & Amy were to break up.


sarNie Oldmaid
Aww :( I thought they'd be together for a long time; perhaps even forever. Om and Jui would look great together :) But, it's so weird after she and New have been together for a long time.

It seems that the celebs that have businesses together are the ones breaking it off this year. Pretty much they'll probably end up marrying people outside of the e-industry.