Neung Tawan 1000 DaO


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This lakorn is good. First epi hit my fav list. Here's summary 1 from Spicy


Note plays as Tawan
Jui plays as Dao


It starts off with Dao on the train track crying. Then it flash backs to her as a child. Her mum left her with her aunt to look after while her mum goes to Bangkok to work for some money and come back for her later. Her mother sends her aunt money and stuff to look after Dao.
While living with her aunt (not sure if it’s real aunt or not, because she treated Dao badly) she has some hard time, because she does housework and everything. Gets treat badly and un-even from her aunt's real son. Anyways, one day her mum sent some money down and Dao saw the envelope with her mum’s address, so she started sending her mother mails/letters.
One day her mum sends her back a letter saying she is ready to pick her up and stay together now, since she has made some money and they are able to set up a mother and daughter life now. Dao was directed by her mother in the mail to go wait for her at the train station at 4 that day. Dao went and she talked to no strangers, because her mum told her not to talk to strangers. At the train station Dao waited, while without knowing, when her mother was making her way to pick her up, she was hit by a car and died (I think).
Dao waited at the train station till the very next day, sitting there all alone and talked to no one. Some people even think she was deaf and unable to talk (Can’t think of what’s the word for it) Anyways, some old lady would approached her and give her food, but Dao would not eat anything and would just sit there. Some kids come over and play tricks on her by throwing fire crackers near her, but Dao would not move. Others now believed she was deaf. Tawan and his servant lady came by and felt sorry for Dao, so they took her in and lived with Tawan’s family, he lived with his father and step mother who has a daughter of her own before she came to live with his father.
Everyone believes Dao was deaf and can’t talk to anyone, but only Dao herself knows, because she was just pretending too, but of course she didn’t mean too. The step mother and daughter would treat Dao badly when Tawan’s father wasn’t looking, but not too bad, because she was deaf, so they cant do much to her.
Dao lives there till she grown up and became a beautiful lady, still, her secret was still un-sealed, everyone believe she was deaf.

Dao and Tawan wrote letters to each other, when Tawan was young and he went over sea to study and left her a cute dog. But Tawan always thought it was his step sister who writes them, because his step sister would use Dao to write those letters and send, she never really cared. One time, Dao wrote asking for his photo, since they haven’t seen each other for such awhile. The next time, she saw his photos.

Tawan’s dad was sick and dying at home, and no one seems to care, only Dao and the lady who bought Dao into the house. Dao uses her hearing and deaf secret and find out the evil plans of Tawan’s step mother, who wants to take over the company and the wealth of the house and family.
One night, when it comes, Tawan’s dad died and before him past away he told Dao to take care of Tawan. That’s when Dao said out “ka� which he was surprised at her response, Dao apologised, but it seems like he was happy. He past away and everyone was sad, only the step mother was happy, and his step daughter who knows nothing and was away on holiday enjoying her time.
On the night of the funeral, Tawan came back home, thinking of surprising the family, Dao was sitting at home alone with her dog crying at his father’s photo when she heard someone coming. She quickly grabbed a golf club and was about to hit when Tawan put up his hand for her to stop. Dao looked at him and it seems like happiness was in her eyes.

Tawan looked at her and said that he was Tawan, the son’s owner of the house. Tawan misunderstood and thought that Dao was his step sister, so he gets in to hug her and said how much he wanted to see her. He hugged her twice before Dao break the hug and wave her hands ‘no’. So Tawan got confused, till later she drew on his palm (a star shape) that’s when Tawan clicked, that it was Dao.
But Dao started to have tears forming in her eyes and ran over to write on a piece of paper saying that his dad has past away. He was shock and hug Dao again.
They went to the funeral together that night, and Dao overheard the stepmother talking to her affair about the wealth and stuff once again.
The next days or so, Tawan found Dao reading books and seeing that she has so much talents wanted to see if she could help work in the company.

Near the end of the epi, his step sister came back, and she wasn’t as sweet as he thought…


Sorry if it sounds confusing, I watched it and then write the summary, so I went back and forward or some I forgot to put in :huh:
Anyways, this is a good lakorn, i like it :D


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I want to watch this movies too. Are they flim this lakorn in us too cuz i saw space needle and that's space needle is in Seattle WA.


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areeya said:
I want to watch this movies too. Are they flim this lakorn in us too cuz i saw space needle and that's space needle is in Seattle WA.
lol, no, that was just graphic up the back :rolleyes:


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P-Note is cute :wub: can't wait to watch it their name dao & tawan good names dao is popular thai nickname


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Here's a summary for epi 2


In epi 2, there were more scenes of Tawan and Dao. This time, Dao has talked some more and not just by herself or to her dog, Cubic, but to her best friend, Gaiya and Tawan!!

Tawan’s step sister, Rin came back and Tawan mention about the letters, they started to panic, and told Dao by writing not to tell anyone she wrote it, because it seems as if Tawan has fallen for the writer through the letters. They warn her if she does, it might hurt Tawan’s feeling for lying to him.
The next night there was a birthday party going on at the next house, it was their friend’s party, so Tawan and Dao got invited to go along, at first Dao only dressed as normal, but Tawan suggested that Dao should borrow some dress from Rin, so she’ll look nicer. Rin wasn’t happy about it, but throws Dao some clothes anyways. At the party Dao take along Cubic, and Rin wasn’t so happy, because it keeps distracting away Tawan’s attention from her. It got her very mad.

The next day, Tawan was playing with Cubic outside in the yard, and Dao came by to give him some drinks. Rin and her mum were driving home at that time, and were speeding very fast. Before Tawan went over to Dao, he gave it a last throw and Cubic ran to get it, only moments later they heard the car stops and everyone quickly run to see.
Cubic was run over by Rin’s car, they quickly rushed the dog to the vet, and Dao was very worried. She went to see Cubic in the room and quietly called his name. In the end, with both of them gently shaking his body to wake up, Cubic woke up and was safe. Dao was so happy she went into Tawan’s arms and they both hugged without knowing.

Meanwhile, Tawan’s stepmother, Ice was with her affair talking about Tawan and the company, and saying how stupid he was at the moment. So at that time they were abit relax about the situation, believing Tawan wouldn’t come in to get in their way.
At home, Tawan was playing his guitar, and Dao came in with drinks and cookies, so Tawan tires to tell her not to do that because Dao wasn’t meant to live there as a servant or maids. So in the end, Tawan ended up trying to say to Dao that she can only do drinks and easy loaded stuff, not the house cleaning or washing the clothes.

That afternoon Rin dragged Dao shopping with her to carry her bags of shopping and on their way she stopped by at the company and met her mum’s affair, but of course no way know anything about them only Dao.
When they came home, Gaiya, Tawan’s house neighbour’s sister came over to see if Tawan can go and Jet ski with her, but Rin came in and told them he was already busy going out to lunch with her. So Gaiya went with Dao instead.
While Gaiya was jet skiing she waves her hand to Dao and without looking another jet ski was in front of her and she lose control and fell off. Dao quickly stood up and yelled out aloud for help that someone was drowning.
That’s when her secret came out, because the people told Gaiya that she was lucky her friend shouted out for help in time. So they had a long chat about it. Now Gaiya and Dao were on the same side.

The next few days, Tawan decided to visit the company and see how things were, that’s when Ice, his step mother was becoming abit worried about the company.
Tawan took Dao to see the company the next day and got Dao to look around, which got Tawan thinking about doing a new project for the studio, but had no support, so Dao wrote him poems to lift up his spirits.
When he got the supportive words from the letter he became confident of himself and he invited Dao to work at the studio company too.

Dao and Gaiya were excising in the park, and Gaiya gave Dao a mobile phone so they can call each other when needed help or someone to talk to. That’s when it came in handy when Tawan first launch out at the studio, Tawan was going at an easy pace and slowly, sometimes even boring! He put on his favourite song on air, and he said that he liked that song very much, as it goes, they were waiting for callers to call in…but there was none

That’s when Dao decided to call up, and for the first time ever, Dao and Tawan talked live through the phone, after hanging up, Dao was so happy to finally get to talk to him


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got any more summaries for other episodes?? because there's only 2.. it should be like past 5 already... i havne't see this one yet though..i just waited for it to end. :D


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Wow...this lakorn is getting interesting...please post more screen caps. & summaries!