Neej Khuam Siab [2012]


sarNie Hatchling
Starring: Tsom Xyooj & Paj Huab Vaj

Behind the scenes

p. Zoua

sarNie Oldmaid
For a second there from the title, I thought they were going to make their own version of the chinese/Taiwanese movie that they dubbed neej Khuam Siab, starring Kenny Bee. lOLXD
But thank God No.

Luckily this one is another story to it and I respect them for that. Trailer looks pretty intresting but why do I get the feeling it will drag somehow...?


sarNie Adult
Paj Nyiag's mom is too young. Tsom is considered poor yet he dresses so nice in the movie. Hmong people really need help with their movies. Tsom's acting has somewhat improved. This looks like the typical Hmong movie. Guy is poor, in laws won't allow marriage, son gets their daughter and can't support her, in laws still don't approve of their marriage, and something happens to separate the two love birds. *sigh :thumbdown: